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  1. I'll take that thank you very much
  2. Thanks. Unless I get confirmation from someone with experience of them that says i'm ok to 100% rely on the ones on site i'll be making a slight de-tour to the Ecotricity rapids at Sedgemoore services. 68 mile round trip from there to the festival and back again which I could almost (but not quite) do twice. What happens to the battery if I get stuck in 8 hours of traffic is a bit of an unknown at this stage too, I suspect very little but I think it's best to err on the side of caution...
  3. Yeah I've seen that, just wondering if this is going to work in practice. I.e. Am I safe to show up without enough juice to get me to a charger off site.
  4. I see that there are charging points run by the AA in the carpark, does anyone have any experience with them? What I really want to know is can I absolutely rely on them?
  5. Why don't you write a letter to Mr Eavis to tell him how he can tailor the festival for your exact tastes?
  6. I said this a few days ago and nobody acknowledged, but it remains true - Assuming that you have CheckPage, spending 8 hours a day in front of your computer offers hardly any benefit over just keeping a close eye on your phone - as long as your phone has a reasonable internet connection. People are getting stressed and saying that they can't do this any longer. It's not worth it. Take a step back and just make sure your phone is in earshot and isn't on silent.
  7. Seeing people are getting a bit stressed! I'm not trying to discourage anyone but if you've get the page checker setup and you've got WiFi / 4G on your phone, being next to a computer isn't going to speed up your getting tickets all that much. Setup the keyboard shortcuts for your details and actually I don't think it will make any difference at all. So basically as long as your phone is on, has signal and is in ear shot - chill out people
  8. 5 alerts in 6 minutes! As this keeps happening could something be put in place to stop the flurries? like an if statement that checks how long it has been since the last alert was sent and if it's less than say 10 minutes it doesn't send it out?
  9. Who cares? She's 68, there's no way she could have that sort of energy on stage and sing at the same time. When I turned round to look at the crowd at the end of 9-5 I've literally never seen so many grinning faces - what could be more important than that?
  10. To be honest, your best chance of getting something that's going to produce enough vapour and give you a strong enough throat hit to keep you off the rollies is to get something that doesn't look like a ciggy. Looking like a ciggy limits the battery size and that in turn limits the power that it can kick out to get the juice nice and hot. I've got a couple of these http://www.vapeescape.co.uk/joyetech-ego-c-1000mah-upgrade-battery~316 (You'll also need a charger - http://www.vapeescape.co.uk/ego%2Friva%2Fecho-usb-charger-with-cord-%28510%29~144) and I'm very happy with them. Been off the ciggies for well over a year now with zero temptation to go back :-) I'd also start off on high strength liquid - the throat hit comes from the nicotine so the more nicotine the more throat hit you'll get.
  11. I class myself as having given up. Why not? I don't smoke because there's no smoke involved. There's also none of the health complications. All thats left is a habit that I enjoy, isn't bad for me, doesn't effect anyone else and doesn't make me smell.
  12. How do people react when you do it at indoor public places? I've not been brave enough yet and still stand outside. I'm not sure I trust the people on UKVapers - they seem a little militant about it...
  13. Happy world vaping day everyone! How's it going for you all? I'm still loving it I had my first analogue in 4 months the other day and had to force myself to finish it in a kind of 'I'm going to mentally scar myself' way - utterly disgusting - I can confidently say I'll never be going back there. Still on E-Lites but found out that you can just pop the end off the cartridges and refill with your own juice, which slashes the price to a fraction of what it was. Happy days!
  14. I see what you’re saying but the bottom line is that I enjoy it and get a great deal of pleasure out of it. I never really smoked that much, probably between 3 and 7 cigs a day, so the nicotine withdrawal was easily managed with gum & the cost of 'smoking' that many E-Lites a day is pretty negligible. I've done a decent amount of research & I'm happy that the health effects are fairly negligible so I just don't see a good reason not to do it. The only problem I see is that now it's not bad for me, I can do it inside & it doesn't make me stink I'm smoking more than I used to. I've ordered some of the nicotine free tips & when they come I'm going to limit my nicotine intake to 5 cigs worth a day.
  15. Woah, I got an 'E-Lites' starter pack yesterday. Blown away. I'd say that the experience is about 85% as good as smoking a real cig. I'd given up smoking for about 2 months and was doing well with it. I missed it because it's totally brilliant (sorry, but it is) but there was no danger of relapsing because the health risks were too much. Anyway, I saw these on Groupon for £20 and thought I'd give it a go after remembering reading this thread ages ago & it really is (nearly) all of the good stuff with none of the bad stuff. This is literally on a par with someone inventing a calorie free pizza that tastes almost the same as a proper one. I just need to grow a pair now so that I can 'smoke' it in the office! *well happy*