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  1. Electric Vehicle Charging

    Tbh I think that’s an expensive (and not very green) solution to a non existent problem. I reckon that EV’s with a 350 mile range will be commonplace within a decade meaning that charging up at Glasto will be about as necessary as filling up with petrol on site is now.
  2. Electric Vehicle Charging

    It’s a tricky one to predict because range is increasing at the same time as them becoming more popular... i.e. There will be more EV’s on the road, but they’ll mostly be starting the day from home with a fully charged battery and the longer the range the less they need to be charged away from home. With the 130 mile range of my Leaf I maybe have to use a rapid charger once a month, if that. If my range was 350 miles (and that’s already a reality at the high end) I’d probably only ever charge away from home a handful of times in the cars lifetime. I’d definitely have enough juice to go to Glasto and back.
  3. Electric Vehicle Charging

    TBH I have to question the viability of charging a large number of cars in a field, it seems like a lot of infrastructure would be required to do it on a much bigger scale than the setup they had this year. I've had my Leaf long enough now to know that the battery doesn't really go down in stationary traffic, which was my primary concern. Maybe 2-3% an hour with the AC on, less than 1% with it off. In other words charging at the festival in the future would be a bonus but even a 24kWh Leaf (mines the 30) easily has enough range to make it to the festival and back from the rapid charger at Sedgemoore services.
  4. Electric Vehicle Charging

    There were probably about 15 cars. Juggling the cars about wouldn't be a problem because they had weatherproof extension leads so no need to actually move the cars. It'll be interesting to see how this progresses because by the time the next festival comes around I'd expect there to be much more than 15 cars. You can't exactly charge 300 cars from a generator...
  5. Love Fields pitch your own

    Being able to camp next to your car and the extra non essentials which you would be able to bring would be a big plus IMO. Solar shower, proper camping bed etc... But not for £400. I'm surprised that the festival haven't clocked this themselves and allocated a field for it, which they could of course charge extra for. £100 for car and tent? I'm in.
  6. quechua Fresh and black tents

    Yup, worked much better than I was expecting. My tent was always cool even when I popped back there mid afternoon. It was dark enough in the day time to need a torch if the door was shut. They just need to make a sound proof next
  7. quechua Fresh and black tents

    Yup, worked much better than I was expecting. My tent was always cool even when I popped back there mid afternoon. It was dark enough in the day time to need a torch if the door was shut .
  8. Peeing on the land - festival not doing enough

    Can't comment on the campervan fields bit but the rest is a big exaggeration isn't it?
  9. Electric Vehicle Charging

    For anyone reading this thread next year, the facilities are great! You need to bring your 3 pin charger with you (which thankfully I did, although I almost didn't). Knowing what I know now I'd say you're fine to rely on them working. I didn't know if this is official policy or not (I didn't want to question it) but I didn't have to buy a car parking ticket. Assuming it is policy I think it's great that the festival is incentivising low / zero carbon travel
  10. Weather 2017

    I'll take that thank you very much
  11. Electric Vehicle Charging

    Thanks. Unless I get confirmation from someone with experience of them that says i'm ok to 100% rely on the ones on site i'll be making a slight de-tour to the Ecotricity rapids at Sedgemoore services. 68 mile round trip from there to the festival and back again which I could almost (but not quite) do twice. What happens to the battery if I get stuck in 8 hours of traffic is a bit of an unknown at this stage too, I suspect very little but I think it's best to err on the side of caution...
  12. Electric Vehicle Charging

    Yeah I've seen that, just wondering if this is going to work in practice. I.e. Am I safe to show up without enough juice to get me to a charger off site.
  13. Electric Vehicle Charging

    I see that there are charging points run by the AA in the carpark, does anyone have any experience with them? What I really want to know is can I absolutely rely on them?
  14. Corbin Really !!

    Why don't you write a letter to Mr Eavis to tell him how he can tailor the festival for your exact tastes?
  15. Secret resales

    I said this a few days ago and nobody acknowledged, but it remains true - Assuming that you have CheckPage, spending 8 hours a day in front of your computer offers hardly any benefit over just keeping a close eye on your phone - as long as your phone has a reasonable internet connection. People are getting stressed and saying that they can't do this any longer. It's not worth it. Take a step back and just make sure your phone is in earshot and isn't on silent.