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  1. You know there will be music at the festival?
  2. Yes, but it's generally in thin plank form, easy enough to snap. Not logs intended for splitting.
  3. I heard it's playing on a big screen outside pedestrian gate A. But get there early, wouldn't want to miss anything.
  4. Listen to the athletico mince podcast, that should fill in the gaps.
  5. I'm confused, we're being asked to pack light and people are taking axes? I know we're camping but it's at a festival not a bivouac in the highlands. Carrying a pen knife these days? What does one do with it these days? I would say out of all the people who carry knives nowadays the majority are for nefarious purposes.
  7. Wtf is this?
  8. Yeah, I'm paediatric so it does quieten down at this time. Adult wards probably have 2 nurses for 40 patients though! All the serious incidents happen at this time.
  9. absolutely. They may be busy but they'll understand if you're concerned.
  10. Ring the ward, ask to speak to the nurse in charge and find out what's happening-what investigations he's having, what the plan from the doctors is etc. I'm a nurse, if they're good they will gladly fill you in. Sending you much love
  11. Could we have two queues for those who have or haven't been to Disney world?
  12. The boys are back in the barracks? edit: 16 minutes too late! That'll teach me not to scroll ahead.
  13. Why is she angry with you?