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  1. Things that ur happy about

    Managed to fix a girl in my works iPhone She'd dropped it on the pavement and smashed the screen. Apple wanted £140 to replace it but she managed to buy a replacement off ebay for £6 (not inc P&P) and I replaced it for her in about 30 mins Can't believe Apple charge so much for something so simple and quick to do.
  2. Things that ur happy about

    Nah, just happy I don't need to pay for it
  3. Things that ur happy about

    My friend won a competition in the local paper for 2 free tickets to the Hamilton Accies (my team) vs St Johnstone game tomorrow and is giving me his spare
  4. Things that ur happy about

    Hearing the news last night that one of my mates is now a proud father to a healthy wee boy
  5. Things that ur happy about

    Getting a pay rise Only 3% but still better than nothing
  6. Things that ur happy about

    I'm on holiday!! Don't need to worry about work until a week on Tuesday! Tomorrow, I'm off for a nice camping trip up near Tyndrum with ampersand, mynameisearl, Glitter & Vodka and a few others from our Glastonbury group, so should be a cracking weekend with cracking weather to match
  7. Things that ur happy about

    I got a new pair of football boots today Decided to get the updated version of my old boots and then bought new red and white laces just to be slightly different. Can't wait to try them out tonight now!
  8. Things that ur happy about

    What model is it and what's wrong with it?
  9. Things that ur happy about

    £25 for the parts- though you could get them cheaper if you were willing to order from Hong Kong or China and wait more than a week for the various parts. I spent about £20 on the ipod earlier in the year but never had the cash or time to fix it until now so was kind of impatient. Tbh I think you could find a few ipods going for around £30 or so that only need a £4 battery fitted or a £10 screen replacement. Personally, I stayed away from faulty nano's though as they look difficult to take apart and the batteries in them need to be soldered in place (I've no experience soldering stuff or the tools). Bought my brother a fully working 4th gen 20Gb (monochrome screen) from ebay not too long ago for only £16 (inc P&P) so you can pick up a few cheap bargins without having to fork out on spare parts. Also bought myself an almost brand new 4th gen 8Gb nano for the gym for just £49 inc P&P
  10. Things that ur happy about

    I've saved myself a small fortune and just refurbished an old broken 30Gb ipod video to its former glory Installed a new screen, clickwheel, headphone jack and put on a new front & back housing/ casing- all for the grand total of £25. Really enjoyed the whole process of taking the thing to bits, installing the new parts and the putting it back together- it only took 20 minutes too
  11. Things that ur happy about

    Indeed I should and I may just be doing that. My dad says they need to know a definate answer by 10pm tonight otherwise they'll have to go to the other guy who's interested. I've got work tomorrow and monday so I'd be phoning in sick plus I've got Amsterdam next weekend to save for so it's looking likely that I'll turn down the offer and spend my weekend throwing soap shouting abuse at Motherwell fans I'll be happy with either outcome though
  12. Things that ur happy about

    I've been offered a place with my dad and a group of others from the local rugby club to go down to Cardiff tomorrow as well as a ticket to the Wales vs Scotland game
  13. Sounds like a messy day :D

    don't think I've had the pleasure of visiting Broadwood yet. Tend to avoid Cumbernauld in general tbh. lol Said I'd catch a game with Ben though & missed the oppertunity to revisit Clifftonhill a while back :(

  14. Game, dinner and drinks for a couple of hours before and an hour after (then back to Paddys no doubt!). I've been to Broadwood once or twice a good few years back and aside the shite fitba, it was fecking freezing! Haha!


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