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  1. Camping alone?

    I'll be a lone raver this year after my mates stuck in the middle of the North Sea, so if you see a random bloke with a bad hat poi spinning ( glow spinning ) come over n say hi! I don't bite! Lol
  2. Camping alone?

    I've did t a few years ago on my own n there's always a few efesters who are in a similar position,
  3. oh knobber!! is it rockness yet??

  4. cool nice one on the poi!! it 'll b good to see more spinners at t this year!! i was the same when i started spinning, i could do moves but just not join them together!! it'll just click one day when you are practicing! :) i aint been using my glow poi much recently cos i prefer to use my fire poi cos they are heavier n easier to control! :) hopefully catch

  5. Hello there. I just thought I would write to you to tell you what I got for xmas...Poi!!! Yes I will be training for mths before I attend several festivals! Any tips? I am finding it difficult to put tricks together in a fluid motion but then what does practice make? And its all because of you last year at T!!!

  6. we never played frisbee at t:(

  7. Yeah, fully recovered. Attempting to find another festival, aint got much on in August. Going to connect for the sat & Bestival in September...but they are too far away.

  8. aye it was braw. cannae mind friday night much but i was pretty sober for the rest of it which was gid and saw some braw bands. and stayed wi some great folk so much better time than i thought. probably best yet for T. how bout you?

  9. its cool m8, i was pretty far gone by the meet my self!! sorry i aint replied sooner been on a total t downer!! lol did you have a good one?

  10. lol its cool have you recovered yet??

  11. sorry for no stayin long or speakin to you on friday night. i was in a strange mood and pretty steamin :S

    wisnae bein rude.

    you goin to any other fests this year?

  12. I must say big Thanks for your attempts at teaching me the art of the poi on Fri, camp Efests!

  13. Have you recovered?? lol