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  1. It was him in a red top n straw hat. Candles are amazing
  2. When we went thru gate D yesterday they were handing out loads of water
  3. Just going thru glastonbury. No traffic yet
  4. In Weston super. Can't decide when to leave for site lol
  5. Leaving sunny south wales at about 13:30pm Funk. Have a good one. I've met you at the festival before lol in kidney mead
  6. Where's this 6 hour wait come from?
  7. What cider was it? Dickins?
  8. Where can I get a cheap single hob camping stove. They are £20 in argos which is steep
  9. Heading to Weston super mare from south Wales Tuesday lunch. Heading down to site about 10am wednesdsy
  10. The GFS operational run was an outlier and did not have much support from other members of the run. Id say you can discard it as very unlikely to verify
  11. I'm terms of leaving cash is it best to leave it inside a bag and hand that over or tell them you want to stash cash?
  12. Thursday could be 30 degrees
  13. Thursday has the potential to breaK a record in terms of heat GFS looks good this morning. I am getting more confident now. Certainly cannot see a washout now under any circumstance.
  14. ECMWF normally quite reliable has low again over us next weekend although further north
  15. The ECMWF can fuck off. It's desperate to get a low pressure right over us next weekend ffs