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  1. Lack of facilities and end of Gate D hell

    They handed out loads of water in the queue
  2. Lack of facilities and end of Gate D hell

    What i found weird is i got to the end of the zigzag and then just walked straight in. Expected there to be a queue at wristbands That queue murdered me though
  3. What made you cry at Glasto?

    this - speak and spell were fab !
  4. Variety Bazaar

    Assume this has been posted? http://amp.timeinc.net/nme/blogs/nme-blogs/variety-bazaar-everything-we-know-glastonbury-spin-off-2096171?source=dam
  5. Liver damage

    I binge thursdsy to Sunday every week. Prolly get through 25 pints minimum. Don't do shorts and although my liver has been raised a few times it's always gone back to normal if I calm down a bit. Am 42. Everyone's different though. My dad canes it royally and he's 64 nothing wrong with him at all and he'll drink 10 plus pints in an afternoon evening sesh regularly. Has done for 40 years. Weird. Some of it must be genetic as to how well you fare?
  6. 2017 - The Changes

    Am sure I might of used this for the first time. Told a steward when somewhere near west holts I needed Avalon and she directed me to a smallish pathway that took me straight thru. 10 years of going never seen.it lol
  7. Liver damage

    He's a functioning alco. Has a Lucozade bottle with him at all times. Obvs not Lucozade. Told to give up and go and have a retest. He's ignored it. He's in his 40s too. Shame. But it is what it is
  8. Liver damage

    My liver count has been raised before. Nothing to worry about just calm down for a bit. My mate at work has a count of 1980 or something on his ALT AST readings hes an alco. To put it in perspective mine was less than 100 but was still advised to take it easy
  9. Worthy Farm is clean!

    nice to meet you dude, my Swedish candles were mint !
  10. Lovebullets Police Sunday

    Tweet emily. I too thought it was awful. The sound bleed was mental
  11. Sexual Assauly at Silver Hayes

    The stats for arrests were slightly up on last year
  12. Who should reform?

    The Smiths all day long
  13. Secret resales

    Respect to you guys. I was in this situation last year after 9 in a row and didn't get em. This year was 10th year. Guess just meant to be. Last year not being there was horrid
  14. Random bursting into tears

    Mate bad times. Sorry to hear this. Hope you're ok
  15. Food offer 2017

    childish I know but just made me laugh out loud