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  1. Southside / Hurricane 2018

    I went in 2010, they headline as well, they had a huge audience for their set. They are big in Germany I recommend this festival as I had a really god time when I went to Hurricane, the atmosphere is chilled the majority of people are there for music and to have fun. Also the walk from the campsite to festival site is only about 10mins
  2. Sonar Festival 2018

    Will defo consider it for next summer
  3. WWE

    Survivor Series was great, even tough the main event could have been much better imo still one of the best ppvs of this year. Also the War Games match at NXT was insane!
  4. WWE

    I agree with you Andre, forgot those 2 matches which both were excellent. I hope the match with AJ is on the same level
  5. WWE

    Brock was a very good wrestler in his first run in the wwe, he had memorable and great matches, with Angle, Eddie and Undertaker among others. However when he came back post nfl/ufc, they just turn him into an unbeatable suplex machine. The only great match I can recall since he came back is the triple treat with Cena and Rollins. The fatal 4 way at summerslam was good as well
  6. WWE

    I hope it's not just a Suplex city match, I believed AJ can have a very good match with Brock.
  7. WWE

    Indeed. AJ can have a great match with anyone! I was there in Manchester, I went absolutely crazy with the rest of the crowd when AJ won the title. Best moment ever for me during a live wwe event
  8. WWE

    Jinder vs AJ announced for SD next week from Manchester. I'm going to the show, will go absolutely crazy if AJ wins the title, but it's highly unlikely.
  9. WWE

    I think they might stick with the Shield till around the end of the year, then turn Ambrose on them and build a Wrestlemania story against Rollins. While Reigns go and defeat Brock at Wrestlemania
  10. NFL

    Aaron Rogers potentially out for the reminder of the season with shoulder injury Surely a lethal blow for the Packers who were perhaps contenders for the Super bowl as Rodgers was having an mvp season.
  11. NFL

    What you're reactions so far after 3 weeks ? So far I've been impressed by the Falcons, I think they can go all the way to Super Bowl again. Disappointed by the Raiders, I expected much better from them this season. Although they are not top tier teams the match between the LA Rams and SF 49ers was one of the most entertaining matches I've seen this season
  12. WWE

    True. However in this day, it's difficult to go all out heel. In Heenan days it was completely different
  13. Ufc

    Agree with you, it's a big shame they gave the decision to Nunez. Shevchenko post fight interview was spot on, Nunez didn't land anything significant and only managed 2 weak takedowns Will try to wacth Rockhold, but yes i'm more looking forward for Canelo and GGG
  14. WWE

    Those guys are the best 5 big men of the last 25 years. There has not been big guy of that caliber in over a decade for sure It's also interesting that Braunn got over without wwe mega push.
  15. WWE

    He's more then just another big guy. Yes he doesn't have the move set of AJ Styles or Johhny Gargano, but his matches and even promos are still entertaining. His menacing and giant look makes him stand out. Besides as mentioned above he's one of the most over guys at the moment, the last time someone was this over was probably Daniel Brayn pre WM XXX. I agree he's still green, but I see a lot of potential for him in the next year or two