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  1. WWE

    Without a shadow of doubt NXT was amazing, it exceeded my exceptions. My favorite match was the tag team match, and old school all out brawl. Besides I love the Sanity gimmick so it was nice to see them win the titles. I don't give 10/10 because of the main event, it was a good match but not great. I don't think that Drew is the right man to lead NXT I still have to watch Summerslam.....will watch it after work today
  2. WWE

    Anyone looking forward for summerslam and Brooklyn III ? I'm particularly excited about the fatal 4 way match, I think it will be an all out brawl with an unpredictable outcome. I'm also enjoying the RAW tag team titles storyline, I think at some point Dean is going to turn heel on Rollins, which she be good for him because he's been really stale as a face this past year.
  3. WWE

    I think the Jinder experiment has already failed, all his matches have been below average since winning the title and the story line is dragging and boring. The only reason he's still holding the title is because of the Indian market.
  4. The Vinyl Thread

    Thanks Nal for advice. To be honest I didn't plan to spend much especially on the sound system. The turntable looks great, I was thinking of a budget of around £150
  5. The Vinyl Thread

    Hi guys, I'm new to the Vinyl world so I need some advice. I'm interested in buying a Vinyl player, ideally plug and play. I was looking for one that I can connect with my Bluetooth speaker. However some told me that the sound would not be the best, so do you recommend I go for this type of player will it have a good quality sound ? Or I set up a speaker system solely for the Vinyl player. Moreover any recommendations for good Vinyl Players ?
  6. WWE

    Great Balls of Fire was an excellent event, both Reigns/Braun and Joe/Lesnar were great throwback brawling matches which I really enjoyed.
  7. Ufc

    Is the fight going to be under MMA or boxing rules ? Because the type of rules will have a huge impact on the winner
  8. Twin Peaks

    Does the new series, follow the old series ? Because I watched it a long time ago and forgot most of it
  9. Who's watching what on tv

    Anyone watching Billions ?? I'm midway through the second season, probably one best series at the moment
  10. Boxing

    Looking forward for Canelo/GGG....I want Canelo to win, but I think GGG will take it
  11. WWE

    True TV Ratings are at the lowest. But more people now watch WWE than 10-15 yrs ago especially internationally thanks to on line services, besides even in the US thanks to services like Hulu and other On Demand services more people have access to watch the TV shows when they desire. So I don't think in 2017 it's fair to say that viewership is at the lowest level based solely on TV ratings, because TV is getting obsolete. Now there are more conventional ways to watch and would not be calculated with the ratings.
  12. WWE

    No that's the April/May ones, the November are always different location last year was Glasgow, the year before Manchester if I recall correctly
  13. WWE

    Anyone heard a word where the RAW/SDL tapings in November are going to be held ?
  14. WWE

    So basically at Backlash we are potentially having Randy orton vs Jinder Mahal Main eventing and KO vs AJ at the mid card!!
  15. Ufc

    DC is the man. His post fight interview, was one of the best ever in the UFC Hope DC/Jones 2 is set for later on this year.