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  1. WWE

    I haven't watched it yet. However I think they wasted the highly anticipated debut of the bullet club, I would have preferred if they used them on AJ/Reigns storyline, then just attacking someone randomly.
  2. WWE

    Yep the locations chosen for this NXT tour, has been quite different from the one's thatthe wwe/nxt usually do. Anyone heard a word where the November UK Raw/Smackdown will take place ?
  3. WWE

    Mania was good howeverabig step-down from last year. The women's match and Taker/Shane saved the show. Apart from those matches everything else was quite forgettable IMO one of the main problems was that the show tooktoo long, I mean2hrs pre show and 5 hrs in the actual event,nearly 7hrs that way is too much!! By the time of the main event everyone was tired, they should stick to 1hr pre show and 4hr show.
  4. WWE

    The same was said for last yr's WM and it turned out to be one of the best Mania's of the past 10 yrs. I think this year mania will deliver as well, however not on the same level of last year.
  5. WWE

    WWE are doing a network special in London, this coming September. Should be good if it is on the same level of Roadblock and Beast in the East
  6. Latitude 2016

    sorry if this has been asked before but I don't feel like reading 24 pages. Does Latitude usually sells out ? if yes around which time, because I'm really tempted to go this year for the first time
  7. Electric Picnic 2016

    Last year tickets sold outaround May/June if I recall correctly. This year it may sold out quicker as they announce half of the tickets were already gone before announcing the line-up
  8. Electric Picnic 2016

    Wooo Lana Del Re!!! No one saw that coming The headliners are good, but so far the rest of the acts are a bit weak
  9. WWE

    I'm guessing Brock will involved in the match somehow, or perhaps Roman inadvertently causing the match for dean. Building up a post mania feud, as Brock and HHH won't be around following Mania
  10. Electric Picnic 2016

    The Cure, Noel Gallagher and LCD Soundsystem that's my bet for the headliners. Gorillaz have announced anything yet, although they are working on a new album and Radiohead are a long shot.
  11. WWE

    So the news circulating around that Taker was facing a person not from the active roster, was true after all. So the main events basically have been set for Wrestlemania. I can't say I'm overly excited, howeverI believe they will deliver While Brock vs Ambrose have the potential to be a good brawl,I would rather had Brock Lesnar vs Bray Wyatt and Dean Ambrose vs Chris Jericho Taker vs Shane I'm a bit sceptical, Shane hadsome memorable matches and did some crazy bumps back in the day. However he haven't had a match in over decade, therefore I think he's far away from his A game. At least this wasout of the box thinking and booking, probably it willinclude a couple of huge bumps as well, that will make the crowd go holy $hit. However Shane going over however will surely taint Undertaker reputation at Mania
  12. WWE

    Ifit's Taker vs Sting, then itshould be the main event especially if it will be Taker's last match. I hopeSting can pull out one lastmatch, his match vs HHH last year was quite entertaining
  13. WWE

    Or Fin Balor. His demon gimmick makes an easy storline
  14. Who's watching what on tv

    Just started Mad Men, been hearing a lot of hype trough the years about it. However 3 episodes into the first season, I'm not really impressed so far....,.
  15. WWE

    Fact. I think the summer of Punk in 2011 generated more ratings and buys, then Daniel Bryan underdog story