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  1. WWE

    Agree Ronda vs Charlotte has the potential to main event, WM next year.
  2. WWE

    I hope Brock losses the title, at the Saudi Arabia event. It doesn't make sense to keep the title on Brock any longer
  3. WWE

    I enjoyed Wrestlemania, especially the first half which was done brilliantly, however the second part of the show was a snoozer and the people were tired. I think they should go back to one hour pre show and 4 hour main show. WM would have been better without the cruiserweight title, US title and Raw tag-team titles. I get it they try to give everyone a chane at WM, however this is having a negative impact on the overall show as 7 hrs is way too much
  4. WWE

    Agree, people in the audience get tired for the main events
  5. WWE

    To be fair their WM 31 main event was very good.
  6. WWE

    I can she can be the female Kurt Angle, if transforms well into WWE.
  7. WWE

    That was different era tough, to be over back then the wrestler's didn't have to in ring technicians to please to iwc. But Rousey can headline WM, she perhaps the biggest star that wwe ever signed
  8. Rock Werchter 2018

    Hi people, I'm considering going to RW for the first time this summer. Does tickets generally sold out ? Because I haven't bought the ticket yet
  9. WWE

    I'm with you guys on Asuka, I don't get her hype. Charlotte, Sasha, Becky and probably even Bayley are better all rounders then her. She's the female version of Goldberg, with a better move set. She over now because of her streak, once the streak ends she will have nothing to ride on.
  10. WWE

    Ronda vs Charlotte is a potential WM main event, but probably Ronda is still to green in the square circle to main event WM. At this point the Ronda name is stronger than Lesnar, if not this year next year she will headline for sure.
  11. WWE

    with the women's revolution going on full speed, I wouldn't be surprise if the main event of WM this year is the women's title or the match involving Ronda Rousey.
  12. Southside / Hurricane 2018

    I went in 2010, they headline as well, they had a huge audience for their set. They are big in Germany I recommend this festival as I had a really god time when I went to Hurricane, the atmosphere is chilled the majority of people are there for music and to have fun. Also the walk from the campsite to festival site is only about 10mins
  13. Sonar Festival 2018

    Will defo consider it for next summer
  14. WWE

    Survivor Series was great, even tough the main event could have been much better imo still one of the best ppvs of this year. Also the War Games match at NXT was insane!
  15. WWE

    I agree with you Andre, forgot those 2 matches which both were excellent. I hope the match with AJ is on the same level

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