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  1. WWE

    I really don't get Ambrose, I know he's good and can be entertaining but clearly I don't see him as an instant world champion material. He reminds me of Brian Pillman, a great upper mid carder but not a main eventer. I Think Bray Wyatt and Kevin Owens will be better world champions
  2. Ufc

    Mehhh I was looking forward for that fight, So that leaves Miocic vs who ??
  3. WWE

    I was impressed with Emma in the opening match. I agree with you, I think Fin Balor has been an average champion I was hoping they give the belt to Joe
  4. WWE

    That feud was priceless and one of my all time favourites ,it solidified both the Rock and    Mankind to main event players. There was also Vince,the corporation and Steve Austin involved the background. If I'm not mistaken they went on 4 consecutive ppvs fighting for the title. I'm  enjoying the Feud between Roman and Sheamus, as it's something fresh and have been built reall good. So I hope it continues and into the new year. Also hope Barrett returns really soon and the league of nations kept at main event level  
  5. Got any gigs coming up?

    The Maccabees in January 
  6. Anyone considering going ? How much will the tickets likely cost? I'm assuming around £60   
  7. WWE

    Exactly considering that next year's Mania can be the Taker final match.    
  8. WWE

    I hope Sting recovers and have one final match as well at WM32, both his matches in WWE have been very entertaining. An early prediction/wish of WM 32 Taker vs Cena Sting vs Bray Rock vs Brock Rollins vs Reigns vs Ambrose Sasha banks vs Paige    
  9. Electric Picnic 2016

    Gorillaz are working on a new album, I wouldn't mind seeing Damon Albarn again
  10. Who's watching what on tv

    I don't understand the hate for the second season of True Detective which was mainly created by tasteless reviewers/bloggers and internet communities. The first season was much better, but the second season had it s moments as well. Will start Fargo S2 soon!
  11. Electric picnic 2015

    So was your picnic guys ?   This was my third time at the festival, overall it was great as usual. Altought I tought this year was too crowded you have to que for everything while the main stage and tents were always packed with people.   My highlights were;   Future Islands on a Sunny Saturday afternoon at the Main Stage. The War on Drugs Hot Chip playing an absolute classics set. Paul Kalkbrenner blowing off the roof of the Rankin wood stage on Sunday night. Jurrasic 5
  12. Electric picnic 2015

    I'm up for a meet, however for some reason these types of meets most of the time end failing
  13. WWE

      I agree with you on most points.   Raven was one of my favourite wrestlers of the 90s/early 00s. Raven was of the best heels in  ECW, now the ECW crowd was generally a smart crowd and appreciated a good performer heel or face  however Raven managed to make that crowd hate him. Also his promos were among some of the best I ever saw in ECW.   I also liked his WWE run in 2000/2001, his debut was brilliant in Philadelphia coming out from the crowd. Then he had some great matches during his hardcore championship title reign. My favourites are his triple treat at Wrestlemania X-7 and against Rhyno which is perhaps the greatest hardcore championship match ever in WWE.   It's a shame that after his lost his hardcore title, he got lost in wwe roster  and did not do anything significant again.
  14. Electric picnic 2015

    The line up have turned really well, now let's hope for a good weather like the previous 2 years.   4 weeks to go....anyone excited yet?
  15. True Detective

    Just started season 2, two episodes in I'm really enjoying it. But I agree it's moving a bit slow, however I don't mind since the plot is complicated and there are a lot of characters involved.   IMO both endings of Episode 1 and 2 were superb and wanting you want more, especially of episode 1 which realty closed off the pilot really well with the background music and everything else involved.     It's totally different from season 1, however there still some of dark elements and camera work of season 1. But there is no "Rust" this season, which stole the show on season 1.