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  1. WWE

    No that's the April/May ones, the November are always different location last year was Glasgow, the year before Manchester if I recall correctly
  2. WWE

    Anyone heard a word where the RAW/SDL tapings in November are going to be held ?
  3. WWE

    So basically at Backlash we are potentially having Randy orton vs Jinder Mahal Main eventing and KO vs AJ at the mid card!!
  4. Ufc

    DC is the man. His post fight interview, was one of the best ever in the UFC Hope DC/Jones 2 is set for later on this year.
  5. WWE

    I think KO, Samy Zayn. Charlotte, the New day, Jinder and Titus will move to SDL
  6. WWE

    I agree with you all on Charlotte, she is one of the top performers of the WWE and the best heel on the entire roster.
  7. WWE

    I don't think Finn will take part at WM, he will most probably return on RAW the following night
  8. WWE

    I don't think that Goldberg is fit a for championship run he only had one match in about 10 years and lasted only about 3 min. But he's over with the crowd so could happen.
  9. WWE

    Who you'r pick for the Rumble ? I'm hoping for Jericho, but I have feeling it will Brauuun
  10. Ufc

    It's a very tough fight for Ronda, however I believe that she can beat Nunez. But if Nunez lands significant strikes early on the first round it's game over for Ronda
  11. WWE

    Why ? The match they had at WM XX was one of the worst in Wrestlemania history, and now 12 years later it is going to be much worse than that
  12. Looking forward for the Kills, that is if I manage to find tickets for their London date.
  13. WWE

    Finn is the third wrestler, that Rollins put on the shelve in less than year. I think he will have to alter his style soon. I felt really bad for Finn, I think he was meant to be the top baby face on RAW and it's going to be a big blow for raw
  14. WWE

    I liked Austin Aries match with No way Jose, I wasn't expecting match but it turned out to be a solid opener. Also I'm looking forward for the feud between Aries and Itami. But I agree Aries so far, didn't made a huge impact on NXT. For me the match of the night was not the tag team match, but Joe vs Nakumara!! It was not a spotfest (like Nakumura/Zayn) or technical masterclass but still it was perfectly built they started with catch wrestling, then brawling and finally a couple of spots that made it an instant classic.
  15. WWE

    Agreed with The Nal Although NXT is suppose to promote young and up and coming wrestlers, the main eventers such as Finn Balor, Samoe Joe and even Shinsuke have been around for a long time so they don't have many more years. So it's the right time to give them a run, besides they are way over with the fans there is no need to build them up