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  1. EU Referendum

    Is it not funny that he can't even manage to get to lead the official out campaign, when out is his entire raison d'être?
  2. The Dirty Independence Question

    And yet the grant was made outside of normal procedures. Audit Scotland only validated that T met the criteria for a grant - and that's despite Hyslop not fulfilling the SG's own requirements for making a grant (she never read the paperwork to know it met the criteria before making the grant) But don't let that stop you stretching the truth into a lie. I hadn't seen that reported at the time. Interesting comments from the report on BBC though: "There is evidence that the DF Concerts consultants' costs associated with gaining planning consent incurred in 2014 and 2015 for the 2015 event, together with the increase in venue costs, exceeded the grant Scottish government provided. There is also evidence that Scottish government has taken steps to confirm that the money was spent in line with the grant conditions through its review of the final report provided by DF Concerts and related invoices. We understand that Scottish government requires flexibility to react promptly to circumstances as they arise, but in our view this needs to be balanced with enhanced internal clarity and evidence to support decision-making."
  3. The Dirty Independence Question

    I know, it doesn't make sense from someone who professes to actually understand the issues and care for the welfare of his countrymen. Either the SNP were absolutely naive in their economic plans or they were playing very fast and loose with the truth. Neither option would have me supporting them or sticking my head in the sand hoping for better times, but they are apparently still good enough for John's vote.
  4. The Dirty Independence Question

    From reports today I read that the increases in council tax bands could expect to net a further £100m a year. It's going to take a while to repay the ever growing council debt mountain if that's the best they can do.
  5. EU Referendum

    So do you object to not having input into who political parties select for candidacy, or do you object to proportional representation in general? yes, the European Parliament has the following legislative powers: Passing EU laws, together with theCouncil of the EU, based onEuropean Commissionproposals Deciding on international agreements Deciding on enlargements Reviewing the Commission'swork programmeand asking it to propose legislation Why, do you not like them? Campaign against them next time round, or get involved and get yourself on the ballot. If they've done something against the rules, report it to the office of the president of the EP, they have the powers to convene a hearing and apply sanctions if appropriate.
  6. EU Referendum

    Doyou not have an MEP?
  7. The Dirty Independence Question

    This makes for interesting reading:
  8. EU Referendum

    Of course the Commission has it's own civil service. Did you imagine that the 28 Commissioners could do everything themselves!
  9. EU Referendum

    So will you be visiting Dignitas on your 60th then Barry?
  10. EU Referendum

    Have a look at the Norwegian figures to get some understanding: An interesting article about their EU relationship & contributions here: And one from slightly earlier:
  11. EU Referendum (wong thread, but......) With typical SNP flair for overstatement, they were going to guarantee better than rUK pensions. Mostly due to the fact that people in Scotland die younger than the UK average.
  12. EU Referendum

    That comes from the White Paper doesn't it?
  13. EU Referendum

    Which of course does not preclude the "disaster" from being true. Even with you own sourced definitions.
  14. EU Referendum

    Not so. It neither need be untrue or unlikely. scaremongering NOUN theprocessofsayingordoingsomething inordertodeliberatelymakepeoplefeelworriedorfrightened,especiallyso that you can gain anadvantage