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  1. Yep. I think The Subways had a similar record as well, just nowhere near as high up.
  2. tent sides..

    I never noticed that, but I went in first thing on Friday before the Skints started and it seemed smaller. Asked a steward by the sound desk and he said yeah it was smaller capacity but wider. I know Leeds sold a lot less weekend tickets this year (and it's been happening for a few years) but the NME was rammed most of the time and for some bands about 10-20 deep outside. Not good.
  3. Lineup 2014

    I thought the crowd this year was better than it has been for years, didnt see any problems other than the usual piss cup throwing in the arena and the camp site seemed pretty calm in orange and green (I know!) at least.
  4. Lock Up 2014

    Gnarwolves go from opening Lock-Up to opening Main Stage, quite a jump.
  5. Lineup 2014

    Aye, you're right, just consulted my little timetable neck thing and last year at Leeds and the last bands started at 19:40 and 20:25.
  6. Lineup 2014

    Gogol Bordello and Blink clash is a bit shit - why do they insist on doing this.
  7. Lock Up 2014

    It's always been a poor booking in my opinion. On another note I'd love to see The Interrupters this year.
  8. Lock Up 2014

    Bit of a cop out getting Jimmy Eat World to headline after playing a main stage set. They've done this before with JEW. Not impressed.
  9. Lock Up 2014

    A few more thoughts today about bands with new albums out this year, Against Me! (as mentioned above) Mad Caddies Morning Glory The Interrupters And for the Main Stage - Rise Against (again, as mentioned above) and Billy Talent would be great additions.
  10. Set lists

    Aye, it just looks like they've been doing the same 20 tracks, give or take 2, every night according to setlist.fm. Would be nice to see it mixed up a little. The more I think about it though there's nothing I want taken out - just more tracks!
  11. Set lists

    Hoping Arctic Monkeys will do something a bit different to their recent tour. Maybe their days in London will shed some light.
  12. Change Name

    Could you change my name to dan1892 please. Cheers.
  13. Lock Up 2014

    Dropkick Murphys would be great - going to see them in July and just noticed there only playing 3 dates as well as Sonisphere. The Lawrence Arms - I would love to see these again as well, new album out earlier this year, but I have no idea if they play festivals - I know they don't approve of Warped in the U.S.. Any chance of The Transplants? - Travis Barker would already be here. Dead To Me Sublime with Rome I think Mike Davies said Rancid are too expensive, on the Main Stage would be nice though, don't think they've played since 2003.
  14. Lineup 2014

    Arctic Monkeys / Stone Roses / Slipknot