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  1. Campervan field question

    Thanks for the info. Sorry didnt make myself too clear. I'm driving the Motorhome and the ticket is in my name. I'll be driving 5 of us in and we only need to meet one of my mates the next night. We will meet him at gate C and come back with him. We are also taking down all his booze etc so he wont have much to carry in. Thanks
  2. Self Confirmed 2016

    Craig Charles is also 1pm Friday on Hell stage. So its either a big funk mash up or someone has the wrong times
  3. Campervan field question

    So 5 of us are arriving on Tuesday but our mate who works offshore isn't arriving until Wednesday night. Are there different wristbands etc? Should he arrive at a specific gate to ensure he gets in? He's staying in the motorhome Wednesday to Monday. thanks
  4. East campervan arrival time

    Yeah our main issue would be being really far from the entrance. The more I think about it though the earlier I want to be in Glasto so think we will give Alton towers a miss. Thanks for the advice
  5. East campervan arrival time

    Think we are planning to head early Tuesday now. If we drove through the night and arrived at say 5am, would there be somewhere to park for a couple of hours?
  6. East campervan arrival time

    Thanks - we were planning to go to Alton towers on Tuesday then head after that but it's maybe we are best shunning Alton towers. need to weigh up whether having a good spot for the week outweighs the fun of a day in Alton towers
  7. East campervan arrival time

    Hi there. we were planning on arriving Tuesday evening. Will a lot of the field be full by then? are we best arriving first thing Tuesday? many thanks for any info
  8. Self Confirmed

    They are playing Ipswich on June 22nd, surely too close for them not to play....
  9. Self Confirmed

    Jimmy cliff and the Wailers both confirmed to play Ipswich at the end of June (2 separate gigs) so I'd imagine that's to tie in with Glastonbury