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  1. Not a secret but Billy Bragg just said the Glastp app is wrong, and Corbyn is at Leftfield at 430 this afternoon
  2. Oh, not quite finished after all. Stunning voice, stunning band
  3. That was an unbelievable set, if it's not in my top 5 sets of the weekend come Monday morning I will be staggered, finishing with In the Living Years Brilliant, what a start to the weekend
  4. Feeding the Happy Mondays rumours... Rowetta joined Bez (and Hookie) for a song during Hacienda Classical
  5. £4 a pint, brilliant, wowww! What's the price decrease all about? Want expecting that, fantastic news! Hammered
  6. You had me fooled
  7. Just take it easy, its not a race, we just stop every hundred meters or so, have a sit down and a beer. There really is no rush to get in and you will take to some lovely people while chilling out walking from the car parks. I love the walk, just don't get stressed out about it, relax and enjoy it. Cracking banter as well, were all heading in the same direction ultimately
  8. Deffo head to Gate A, you will be shepherded to the Pink Car Parks the other side of the main road, so a bit far out, but can be quite handy to get out from Monday morning if you are lucky which field you park in, last year we were on the road within 5 minutes of getting in the car from Pink 49, but took an hour or so from Pink 54 in earlier years. Head to Gate A, and then down the hill until you find a space. There's usually space in Pylon and Rivermead, but you may need to have a look around the outskirts of each field first. They will look full as you enter each, but if you follow the fence around the perimeter of each there is usually plenty of space, especially at the bottom of Rivermead byt the stream. One of us stays at the entrance to the field with the kit while the other does the reccie of the field to see where the space is. Great spot too, quite quiet and close to Silver Hayes and JP Enjoy!
  9. ... mind you I was hoping the same from U2 a few years back...
  10. Am I the only one excited by the idea of a Arcade Fire secret set? I loved the early Funeral days when they all went for it, and looked to be having such a great time. I thought that their headliner performance at Glasto a bit too polished/orchestrated for me, still good yes, but I love the idea of them playing a bit less choreographed set, where they are just playing more raw, than a well rehearsed set surrounded by a huge crew behind them making sure nothings out of place?
  11. All I want is a couple of days without wellies. It can sheet it down Sunday for all I care, at least I would have had 2-3 days of being able to walk comfortably.
  12. Really? So if you paid £5k for a once in a lifetime family holiday to Florida, your employer can refuse two days before your due to go, and have no responsibility to compensate you? I would be surprised if they were allowed to do that
  13. They cant do that, if you had a holiday approved and have paid out for it, then they cant then cancel it so you lost your money. Otherwise noone would ever book a holiday in case their boss said they couldn't go two days before you're do to leave, and you risk losing your money
  14. Weather forecasting would be so much easier if those f@&king butterflies stop fluttering their wings
  15. Fucking hell, do you live on Tatooine?