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  1. Sad times

    Absolutely agree with this. V never seemed too sure who their market was, and ended up going from an Indie festival to a pure pop festival in my opinion. That results in a lot lower retention of punters than other festivals, especially as V seemed to be totally about the music offering. Punters who like the latest pop acts grow out of them pretty quickly so are unlikely to come back Also the festival didn't seem to develop, it is all about the music. Other festivals have been created, and existing festivals have developed their offering, whether that be with comedy and literature (e.g. Latitude), different themes (e.g. science at Bluedot), the numerous retro festivals which have sprung up in he past few years, or other experiences beyond music (e.g. Arcadia) V would always get the popsters of the day or the lads out on a bender, but offered little else and that's why I think it needed a massive revamp. There became an increasing paradox in their targeting. On one hand getting the latest pop band in, fighting against the punter looking to get hammered with their mates. There didn't seem a lot else to their offering Hopefully it will work, there's still a market there, but they do need to think about the USP to get the punters back in year after year. its not about selling to a new customer, its about selling to the same customer next year, and the year after. That's the key. I personally think targeting families is the future, kids generally love camping. music and festivals, and any festival which targets them specifically is likely to do well as long as they don't forget that audience, they all need to develop year on year, and provide other entertainment other than music
  2. Family friendly festivals

    +1 for Bluedot, it was ace again this year, my kids absolutely loved it. Unfortunately not able to go next year due to it being in term time and the wife teaching next year (gutted). I couldn't recommend it highly enough for families, especially the education/science/space/comedy side of things which most kids would really enjoy. Very family friendly, both the punters and the staff, a really nice vibe again this year. Toilets were much improved over last year, camping areas were great with loads of space. Site quite small as well which helps with kids
  3. Blue Dot Festival

    I am not sure presales really work unless you get a discount or the festival is likely to sell out really quickly. The festival didn't sell out this year, not even any of the day tickets, so I wouldn't have thought there was any urgency to bag a ticket this early
  4. Blue Dot Festival

    Yeah, we're just unlucky to live in an area where the kids break up later than other places. I would have probably taken the kids out of school next year to go again, but the main reason who wouldn't be able to go is because the missus will be teaching next year so would not be able to get the time off work We will look elsewhere next year, we are looking for a festival which is particularly kid friendly where the kids can run around places, have a laugh, learn stuff and not feel intimidated by large crowds of people off their heads. Interestingly this year I added Bluedot to the small list of festivals I would go to without any knowledge of who was playing (Glasto being the only other one) This years Bluedot there were only really two must sees for me (Orbital and Goldfrapp) but we all had an even better time than last year, mainly away from the music stages.
  5. Blue Dot Festival

    Not where I live (Norfolk), school hols start the Thursday after that weekend. The wife will be teaching next year so theres no chance of us being able to go
  6. Blue Dot Festival

    Absolutely gutted, that's term time again
  7. Blue Dot Festival

    For me that is now a no brainer. Take the kids, they will love it, and trust me you will enjoy it even more, even though you may miss a few bands you would have seen on your own (Vitallic and Soulwax for me and most of Hawkwind) Although I love festivals with my mates but they don't come close to the enjoyment I have experienced seeing my kids enjoy Bluedot, whether that be laughing together watching the hilarious Apollo 11 Campervan and the legendary quote "don't be a dick Buzz" which still has my eldest in stitches, dancing with the kids front row during Goldfrapp, boogeying to Orbital's version of Dr Who, collecting 20+ Bluedot cups, munching Churros together, lazing in the hanging chairs in the Blue Moon bar, putting the tent up, chasing the Alien Bugs in the Arboretum, playing hide and seek in the Galaxy Garden, inserting skewers into balloons without them bursting, being amazed at the 3D printers and the Hydrogen gas guns, seeing the real Darth Vader and sitting in a Delorean car, eating a chocolate and marshmallow toastie with extra squirty cream, lazing around in the Illuminariurm together, being fascinated during the Lovell telescope tour, buying a jumper.... All that stuff is priceless and will stay with me ant the family forever. My kids are always talking about how much fun they had and want to go back next year I know its a cliche but eldest (11) was truly inspired by last years festival, and really got into music since watching JMJ, so much so he started playing the keyboard, really enjoying it and has become really good at it. So much so that he won an award for Outstanding Musical Achievement at his school leaving assembly this morning! How chuffed and proud am I? It probably wouldn't have happened had we not gone to Bluedot last year So in summary I would definitely take the kids!
  8. Blue Dot Festival

    Thanks, for my kids sake please make it school holidays (I think I may have mentioned this a few times on here already!). My kids will be in tears if they cant go again next year, which we wont be able to do again if its in term time. Apologies for the emotional blackmail! My kids still have their wrist bands on, I cant see them taking them off for a while, and they took the programme, cups and tickets to "show and tell" at school yesterday! We also managed to bring home over 20 Bluedot cups this year which beats last year!
  9. Blue Dot Festival

    Hi naarjtie, firstly thanks for another great festival, we had a great time again, even bettter than last year which I thought couldn't be beaten Did you send the questionnaire about 2018 dates to last years attendees in the end, I would be interested to know what feedback you got? I assume that because you had 4 or 5 suggested dates, all must be available to put on the festival next year? If this is the case I would have thought a school holiday weekend would be a better date and would ensure more tickets sales, I am sure it would sell out if you moved in back to school holidays
  10. Latitude Festival 2017

    Have fun people, I am quite jealous although I think I am a bit festival weary after Glasto and Bluedot over the last 3 weeks. Been to Latitude a few times, always been really great, looks like you going to have ideal weather as well, warm and cloudy Enjoy my local festival, and make sure you see Goldfrapp!
  11. 20 years of eFestivals

    That's what happened to dingbat many years ago! Registered to an old freeserve email address which got closed down because I hadn't used it for a long time. RIP dingbat
  12. Blue Dot Festival

    Good, apart from the Blue Moon Bar running out of Blue Moon Beer, the only drink they served, on Saturday night ... Did make me chuckle though PS that was a superb Bar when it could serve you beer!
  13. Blue Dot Festival

    "...PUT THE FESTIVAL ON DURING THE SCHOOL HOLIDAAAAYYYYYS........." I won't stop until they announce the dates for next year.... ....sorry if I am sounding a bit selfish
  14. Blue Dot Festival

    Had a great time again this year, they really seemed to listen to punters views from 2016. The toilets in the camping areas were top notch this year, there seemed to be even more families than last year even though it was during term time. The layout had moved (although it seemed to be a few last changes which weren't on the map such as moving the Iluminarium) My only suggestions to make it even better would be: Make the family camping areas even bigger I would swap the family camping area and the night owl fields around. You could hear a quite a bit of noise from the arena in the family camping areas because those fields were the closest to the arena. Didn't affect my kids but it might have affected some hearing that during the early hours. Also might be good to have a few security staff wandering around late at night to make sure there's no noise after hours in the family areas Agree with post above about re-entry, I wasn't allowed to take the trolley with the kit in to get back in, unless I queued in the main queue again which was about 30 minutes long on Friday afternoon. Seemed a bit unnecessary so I abandoned the trolley and carried the kit to the campsite I do have one desperate plea to the organisers though... please make the festival during the school holidays, you will get even more families to go. I know there were lots of families this year, but you could get even more having the festival during school holidays, and I really think it would sell out quickly if you did this. From a purely selfish point of view, I wouldn't be able to take the family next year if it wasn't the case, I didn't like taking the kids out of school (they did!) and my wife will be a teaching next year so we wont be able to go Final shout out to all the punters and crew this year. I have never seen such an impeccably looking site on a Monday morning, almost no litter and no abandoned tents or equipment, a bit different to Worthy Farm! All the crew were lovely and really engaged and had fun with the kids. Everyone was incredibly friendly Thanks everybody, it was ace. Kids and the missus absolutely loved it... again Fingers crossed for next years dates announcement!