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  1. Acts you don't "get"

    Pretty much all of the above but especially Florence as her voice is like fingernails scraping down a chalkboard!
  2. Nine Inch Nails

    That NIN/JA gig was awesome, especially when Gary Numan came out and they did Cars. They had Mew as support as well and goes down as one of my favourite gigs ever. Another favourite NIN gig was the one a few years ago they did at the Scala. Now THAT was busy!
  3. Latitude Festival 2017

    That doesn't seem to be on there any more. That would really pee me off if I was going!
  4. Latitude Festival 2017

    Having seen them in a tent and on a stage I can only agree with you. I can't see them working on the main stage at all.
  5. Muse

    Yep. £50 + fees last time for standing, £85 + fees this time, so a 70% increase! If just increasing the price by inflation the ticket price would have been £54!
  6. Muse

    £90 for a standing ticket can eff right off! It was £50 for them in there a couple of years ago! Hmm, ok, 4 years ago but still!
  7. Foo Fighters

    Nope http://www.setlist.fm/setlist/foo-fighters/2017/worthy-farm-pilton-england-73e4f661.html
  8. The size of the crowds

    Crowd sizes and therefore the increase number of twunts is part of the reason we have decided not to keep going. Even in the ten years I have been going it does seem to have gotten much worse for crushes #glastonburyisnotasgoodasitusedtobe
  9. Lorde

    I had no interest in Lorde whatsoever but just watched her set on iplayer just to check her out and ended up watching all of it. Future headliner right there.
  10. Radiohead Headlining 2017

    That was flipping great through the stereo at home via BBC iplayer! A bit gutted about missing it but have to keep reminding myself that we saw them at the Roundhouse last year!
  11. Where are the fireworks tonight?

    Just hang about afterwards for a while if you can as last year was a complete nightmare getting out of the field as security didn't have a clue and started fencing exits off. It got rather dangerous with people climbing through fences and trees to get out of the crushes.
  12. Thursday arrival - how are you coping?

    Opening the festival a day earlier than they used to has certainly spread the number of people coming in all at once hasn't it?
  13. Thursday arrival - how are you coping?

    Jesus flippin Christ!
  14. Worthy View arrivals

    Why are people queuing to get in to worthy view? Surely half the point of it is the allocated tent waiting for you so you don't need to get there early.
  15. Best act you've seen on...

    Pyramid - Metallica Other - Pet Shop Boys West Holts - Goldfrapp Acoustic - Glen Hansard John Peel - John Grant The Park - Mercury Rev Dance Tent - None The Glade - Stereo MCs Left Field - Levellers Avalon - Beans on Toast