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  1. Download 2018

    I guess at least if they do the co headline it gives them a reason to not have Def Leppard headline outright again considering how small a crowd they had in 2011. I imagine if they do it Def Leppard will essentially take the sub headliner spot.
  2. Download 2018

    Andy has said he would be up for doing a co headliners some time so maybe Def Leppard and Poison co headlining? Not a fan of it myself but it would make some people happy.
  3. Download 2018

    I'd be pretty happy with this lineup. Not sure NIN would be willing to sub to Metallica again after how much they apparently hated the 2009 fest tour where they subbed them loads. Maybe NIN under BMTH would work better although I still see them headlining if they decide to do Download. I don't see The Prodigy dropping down from headliner as Download still need that option if they have a sparse year. I'm not sure if Amon Amarth will still be touring next year as surely they will need to do a new album before coming back. Decent slot for them though. Panic! At The Disco seem perfect for Reading on their return and I think Rise Against would still be booked as a second stage headliner. Don't think they would put Babymetal against any of the main stage headliners. Maybe if second closed early again then it could work. However I wouldnt be surprised if a lot of this happened. Some bands will probably do Reading over Download like Neck Deep but generally looks good.
  4. Download 2018

    Fair play on most of that. Just a few replies. Trivium did fifth down last time they did main and don't think they would go up from there considering they have arguably lost popularity since then. I agree Megadeth will probably play main again when they do play but was just the only way I could fit them on what with the new album coming out. Plus they would be a good alternative to NIN and of course Slayer did the same this year. Stone Sour could easily sub but they played a lot lower than expected last time imo and I'd put them on a similar level to FFDP who wouldn't be a surprise subbing as well. Parkway I just dont see having got THAT much bigger since their last time at Download. They were scheduled to be fairly low at Reading. Lower than Pierce the Veil were the year before and they only played fourth down this year. ATDI would be a good second stage sub. Maybe to someone a bit more current like Rise Against. Def Leppard I could see taking a step down like both The Offspring and Faith No More did. Maybe be a more classic rock style second stage headliner to go against the more alternative Nine Inch Nails.
  5. Bloodstock Open Air 2018

    Two great headliners there for me. Not sure if I'd go but maybe if they had Devin Townsend Project for the third headliner I would have to strongly consider it.
  6. Download 2018

    Friday Nine Inch Nails / Enter Shikari / Rancid / Don Broco / Black Veil Brides / Hatebreed / Jamie Lenman Megadeth Saturday Avenged Sevenfold / Marilyn Manson / Stone Sour / Parkway Drive / Trivium / Karnivool / Arcane Roots / Turbowolf Brand New Sunday Metallica / Evanescence / Alice in Chains / Ghost / The Darkness / Andrew WK / In This Moment / Municipal Waste At The Drive In
  7. Download 2017

    Holy crap they are playing this cocaine! Brilliant song. So happy with the set in general.
  8. Download 2017

    My top ten are probably: 1. System of a Down 2. Creeper 3. Coheed and Cambria 4. Biffy Clyro 5. The Devin Townsend Project 6. AFI 7. The Dillinger Escape Plan 8. Sikth 9. Mastodon 10. Four Year Strong
  9. Download 2017

    Got mine but yeah too early to worry.
  10. Secret resales

    Unfortunately ive had to cancel my dream of gwtting back to glasto. Went back to work this week and gonna be in training all glasto week. Im gutted but think its more important getting back to work. I bought myself a friday trnsmt ticket so at least I get to see Radiohead but of course it's not the same at all.
  11. Secret resales

    Gah Ping got me excited.
  12. Secret resales

    Ive been in my old house all day, keeping an eye on the glasto page, while waiting for someone to collect the last of my furniture. Finished up there and got a taxi back down to my new place. Of course while I was in the taxi the ping went off and I didnt notice. Was almost heartbroken when I saw it. Thank goodness it wasn't the sale.
  13. Secret resales

    A little bit of hope surrounded by a whole ton of fear.
  14. Secret resales

    That's how to do breakfast properly!
  15. Secret resales

    Mahooosive headache today so looking at the computer screen isn't much fun but hopefully it will be rewarded with a ticket. I'm feeling 14:07. Yeah that sounds like a nice time.