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  1. Holy crap they are playing this cocaine! Brilliant song. So happy with the set in general.
  2. My top ten are probably: 1. System of a Down 2. Creeper 3. Coheed and Cambria 4. Biffy Clyro 5. The Devin Townsend Project 6. AFI 7. The Dillinger Escape Plan 8. Sikth 9. Mastodon 10. Four Year Strong
  3. Got mine but yeah too early to worry.
  4. Unfortunately ive had to cancel my dream of gwtting back to glasto. Went back to work this week and gonna be in training all glasto week. Im gutted but think its more important getting back to work. I bought myself a friday trnsmt ticket so at least I get to see Radiohead but of course it's not the same at all.
  5. Gah Ping got me excited.
  6. Ive been in my old house all day, keeping an eye on the glasto page, while waiting for someone to collect the last of my furniture. Finished up there and got a taxi back down to my new place. Of course while I was in the taxi the ping went off and I didnt notice. Was almost heartbroken when I saw it. Thank goodness it wasn't the sale.
  7. A little bit of hope surrounded by a whole ton of fear.
  8. That's how to do breakfast properly!
  9. Mahooosive headache today so looking at the computer screen isn't much fun but hopefully it will be rewarded with a ticket. I'm feeling 14:07. Yeah that sounds like a nice time.
  10. It may well be true but I really hope it isn't. I'm trying to go back to work next week after a year off so don't really want the added stress of the ticket sale on top of that.
  11. Really shouldnt have wolfed down my dinner so quick. Was a lovely tuna nicoise salad as well. Gone in no time as I wanted to focus on the F5 button.
  12. If I hadnt already bought two festival tickets I would have actually considered that... ah well.
  13. I'm doing Green Man even if I do go to Glasto but it seems like an awesome alternative anyway. Great lineup this year and the brecon beacons are beautiful.
  14. Today at 15:09. Positivity reigns.
  15. This has to happen today. For our sanity it has to happen.