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  1. Glastonbury Festival Wikipedia page

    Very sorry to hear it's been so horrid GW and wishing you all the best for your continued recovery.
  2. Things that annoy you ?

    You mean for maximum pleasure?
  3. Things that annoy you ?

    Not surprised, that does sound bloody annoying!
  4. Mercury Prize 2017

    I could only imagine what you wrote, which was that you'd said a closed sentence that he didn't really have a response to. You didn't need to be more fair than that and nor do I.
  5. Mercury Prize 2017

    So you just deliberately made it awkward?
  6. Mercury Prize 2017

    You realise they may not be put forward by their record company?
  7. Things that annoy you ?

    Wait, the gas cooker does?
  8. Armed police to patrol Kendal calling

    Same as, I saw a number of coppers, but checked each and couldn't see any were armed. If they were it's a lot more discreet than I've seen before
  9. Things that annoy you ?

    Did you just write this to annoy others?
  10. Mr C telling a few porkies ??

    It was so much simpler when they were all "shy" and just conducted their evil business without us knowing, like Invasion of the Body Snatchers
  11. Wilkswood Reggae Festival, Dorset

    Sounds good, cheers for the review Neil
  12. Did anyone gain entry without their own ticket?

    I vividly remember that one of the years with the Happy Mondays there was a lot more mischief, by my recollection when they were introduced by a geezer saying "Happy Mondays in the area". That may have been then.
  13. Glastonbury Festival Wikipedia page

    Ooh very fancy Your presentation skills are somewhat more evident than my "spread them out on a cleanish carpet and stand on the stairs" approach.
  14. Alternative Recommendations for 2018

    Any suggestions for things which are on during June and July 2018? I think Shindig and Y Not would be close and seem to have nice things said about them here. A friend and I will commiserate the passing of another decade closer to expiration and my experience of the last 31 years at Glastonbury has been that for a lazy git such as I, a festival can be an enjoyable and easy to arrange way to drown your sorrows/celebrate as applicable.
  15. The Beauty of the Glastonbury Organisers

    Very true. Thanks very much for sharing @Johnkhutch. A great example of the value of being kind and thoughtful to those who are feeling fraught and vulnerable. I can't say how much it warms my cockles to know that such compassionate people are part of the festival which has been the key summer event of my life.