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  1. Bennicassim 2016

    Same, but like yer man andytommo says, there's more to come still. Hopefully the next announcement will be a bit more up our street. Is looking very light on bands at the moment - but I'm sure they'll be coming.
  2. Bennicassim 2016

    Yeah, couldn't be arsed to do my research - was just going from memory and I knew that there were certain ones where they definitely didn't share acts, and others where there was a fair bit of crossover. Guess I got them mixed up. *shameface*
  3. Bennicassim 2016

    Don't think Beni share acts with Bilbao BBK or Nos Alive. Have a feeling there is some crossover between them and Primavera, but not sure if I remeber that from somewhere or just made it up.
  4. Bennicassim 2016

    Now that's an announcement! Almost worth waiting for.
  5. Bennicassim 2016

    Would love it to be real, but I reckon it's a fake.
  6. Sziget 2014

    The camping is more comfortable than Beni because there's a lot more trees and shade in general. You might need to hike around a bit to find your spot, since you basically camp where you like. And obviously the earlier you get there, the more likely you are to find a good pitch. VIP camping includes a few other extras - there's a shop and bar, plus you get free WiFi, free phone charging and safety deposit, and special showers/toilets as well as the pool. But for that sort of money you could pretty much get yourself a bed in a hostel, then chuck in a city pass to get around for the week and you'd be set. Derm
  7. Sziget 2014

    B.my.Lake is a new festival from the same team behind Sziget. It's billed as the Sziget afterparty, and takes place by Lake Balaton so only a few hours from Budapest. It also won Best New Festival at the European Festival Awards earlier this month, so might be worth a look. Derm
  8. Dermot's Pics


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