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  1.   There's an internet cafe about halfway up the main street through the middle of town and you can do printing there. Look for a big yellow sign that says LOCUTORIO.
  2.   It will be pretty busy - probably over half the punters will arrive on Monday, so by Tuesday there will be a nice buzz around the place.
  3.   Loads. Just walk up the main road through the middle of town and you'll see shops with them outside on the pavement. And you'll be able to pick up ice from the supermarket, or little food/drink shops.
  4.   Yeah I didn't see much of Glasto but I did catch him, and thought he was awesome. Can't wait to see him live now - I guess I'll see you there, mate
  5.   I think if you can get it there and get it put up, then they won't make you take it down. But there's only one way to find out...
  6. Me too. Surely they'll give us a couple more a bit nearer the time. Can't imagine that they (or maybe the bands they are talking to) have got their act so entirely together this far out that everything is done and dusted.
  7. You can take it into the campsite, but not into the actual festival, so get your drink on before you head over to the festival site. *Please drink responsibly
  8. Seems like every year I read threads about how disappointing the line up is, yet every year I go and have an awesome time and see loads of great bands. Maybe I'm doing it wrong?
  9. I've not used the lockers before, but I have walked past them and they looked plenty big enough for a wad of documents. Like a big shoebox kind of size. So you probably wouldn't get your bags inside (althought they might have bigger ones for luggage that I couldn't see), but passport, travel documents, spare cash - anything like that should be no problem. Derm
  10. Bilbao BBK Live 2015

    Yep, day splits have been released, and 1-day tickets are now on sale. The full line up is here.
  11. Except I think his question is about getting to and from Castellon, which does make a big difference. Taxi there will be around EUR 15 maybe - probably more at night though.
  12. Loadsa people If you've got any questions you can drop us a line on
  13. INmusic Festival (Croatia) 2015

    They are generally pretty good at keeping the info coming once they get started. We'll probably have the full line-up (or maybe 90% of it) out by Mar/April time.