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  1. Kingsman Scene at Glastonbury

    The big Colin Firth action scene on the exploding monorail was fantastic.
  2. Kingsman Scene at Glastonbury

    Really enjoyed the new Kingsman film. Thought it was quite a laugh. The Glastonbury scene was done pretty well. It's a fantasy film really, so I just took this Glastonbury Festival to be fantasy too. I get what the OP is saying but personally I don't really care about things like that too much. As a fun little scene, I liked it and the raunchy bit gave me a bit of a naughty giggle.
  3. 2019 Headliners

    Would love Depeche Mode to headline. I don't care what stage, I just want it to happen. I saw Dave Gahan play the Other Stage a number of years ago and thought he was great. DM headling would be for me a perfect thing.
  4. Which festivals will sell out quicker next year?

    Although, I might go to Bluedot Festival. Or go to Spain to see friends. Or go to Sweden. Or maybe buy a house. It's good to have a few options for the fallow year. I will miss Glastonbury not being on though.
  5. Which festivals will sell out quicker next year?

    I'm going to Nudefest! A big 7 day naturist festival. lt's always the week after Glastonbury and I'm too tired to go then. So making the most of the fallow year and going. Can't wait!
  6. Glastonbury Festival Wikipedia page

    Glad you are making good progress @glasto-worker. Always enjoy reading your posts. Get better asap good sir.
  7. Are Tories welcome at Glastonbury

    People go there for all sorts of reasons I guess, although with the main aim ofcourse of enjoying yourself. I did have a pretty heavy discussion with a Tory voter in Leftfield while waiting for Jeremy Corbyn. To his credit, he was there to get balance on his views and Labours. Last year, unsurprisingly, the conversations going round the festival were a lot more volatile...
  8. Are Tories welcome at Glastonbury

    None of my friends or family are hateful people but when I'm out and about wherever, occasionally I over hear someone say something nasty. Then I tend to talk to them. I quite understand about not wanting to get involved in conversations about this sort of thing at festivals but I wouldn't think of it as a waste of time if one did. The opposite infact. I actually didn't hear any hatey conversations at Glastonbury this year thankfully
  9. Are Tories welcome at Glastonbury

    I can see why you avoid getting involved in the conversations. But sometimes, someone says something so extreme, like a racist, homophobic or other hateful comment, that it just seems like the right thing to do to take them to task on it. And some of the things the Tories say are hateful. But calling them names and being hateful towards them is just as bad really. It's better to engage with them, raise your points and maybe, they will learn something. Maybe... I always think its at least worth a try.
  10. Pearl jam for Glastonbury

    I would love Pearl Jam to headline the Pyramid. Every time I have been to see them they have been great. Please make this happen Eavises...!
  11. It's not going to be a Glastonbury clone, just another avenue to see some big acts who would likely have played Glastonbury next year like Fleetwood Mac, who do have tour plans in 2019. Sounds promising.
  12. Chester Bennington

    Depression does not differentiate between 'talented' and 'untalented' people
  13. Full screen ad - Neil can you please check?

    I just had that full page ad pop up telling me I had won something or other. Bloody thing made my phone buzz a couple of times and made me jump!
  14. Flags

    The flags add atmosphere but the flags also really obscure views of the stages. I experienced this there and while watching performances on iPlayer. I find them both a pain and a pleasure.
  15. Glasto 2020: Passing the torch?

    This was my 21st Glastonbury in a row. I can honestly say that I had as much fun and made as many memories at this one as that first one back in 1993. The place is a goldmine of experiences.