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  1. It's not a particularly attractive item from a thief's point of view - wouldn't make much money in the local pub, plus too big to put in your pocket and you're more likely to be seen with it. If you've been playing it at your campsite, I'd put money on it having been taken by a nearby camper and ditched somewhere else on site. Therefore, there's a good chance of you getting it back if you contact lost property.
  2. I also saw moisturiser mentioned as a sticker remover in another thread. I've never tried it but seems worth a try if you've got some. I always use paraffin - just dab a bit on and give it a minute to soak in and any stickers will turn into a sludge you can wipe off without any effort. I think some moisturisers contain paraffin or a similar spirit-oil.
  3. Sorry... Your post got me doubting myself Big Durbs so I dug out last year's wristband, and it's NOT an EPO. So ignore my last post - it looks like my crew just stopped being given EPO access last year.
  4. The Easy Pass Out system changed last year. Now you have to have a ticket to go with it to get in/out - I posted a picture of one in this thread. I can't remember the exact details of what hoops you have to go through to get this ticket, but mine has my name etc on it, so they presumably have access to a database of registered workers. The idea was to prevent people doing the wrist band trick to sneak people in.
  5. It's their broadcast that's cutting up - not your app. If you listen to it on their website, or using a different laptop/phone player, the cut-outs are the same. Last year I think it started similarly glitchy but improved after the first day.
  6. I don't know the reason, but Mardy wrote to the bloke that runs it (see >this< thread) and found out. If you trawl the internet, you'll read rumours of other SE Corner people putting on a replacement crew bar, but I'm gutted that it won't be Wally's.
  7. There's no Wally's this year.
  8. If you want to get it running on a phone, I think it's better to use an app like TuneIn. Point your app towards the following URL: On TuneIn, you do this by clicking options (top left three-horizontal-lines button) then 'Favorites' then 'Add custom URL' button at bottom. After you've entered it, click 'save'. It should auto play, but if not, just click on that entry in your favourites.
  9. Scammers don't turn away extra risk-free money. I'd be very comforted by that. (In my Stone Roses scam, I texted the scammer, and of course they were still selling it...)
  10. A quick way to find out if it's legit is to get someone else to email/text/phone the seller to say 'heard you were selling a wristband - is it still for sale?' If they say no, then that's a comforting sign. I got scammed trying to buy a Stone Roses ticket a few years back. The scam works because they give you every impression that they only want to sell it face-to-face at their house - however, they also claim to be on the Isle of Man, so suckers like me eventually suggest doing it by post + bank transfer. When I reported the scam to my bank, one of their staff initially told me I'd be refunded. Later, the bank went back to it's usual stance, which is that 'we're not responsible for you doing bank transfers to conmen.' But by then it was too late: I'd already got their staff member promising me a refund, on a a call which they recorded, so they had to pay up in the end. You may not be so lucky, but worth a try.
  11. This is a much better idea than just pointing your sat nav to Orange Gate. If you're coming from the East towards Orange Gate, you want to look at a map and plan a route that takes you around the festival and then double back to come in from the West. A 'dumb' satnav would plot a route right through the middle of all the traffic restrictions and busy festival traffic.
  12. There are a few multi-plug points by the tea urns in the catering tent, but people tend to waste hours sitting by their phone to make sure someone doesn't unplug it early. I'm not aware of any phones-only policy and I reckon you'd get away with straighteners, but would recommend investing in gas straighteners and a portable charger for your phone so you don't waste your festival sitting by a plug socket. There are also plug sockets at the back of the bars themselves which should be easier to access, but it depends on whether the manager of your bar is helpful - some are anything but.
  13. Edit - what Mardy said.
  14. I'm not sure if it's just because I've added it to my Favourites in previous years, but on the TuneIn radio app on my Android phone, you can find Worthy FM via a normal search. The logo shows the usual Worthy FM 87.7 neon sign, and there are a load of different shows listed, such as '40 Years of Glastonbury' and 'Daddy Teacha', Obviously, these aren't on air at the moment, but when you click 'play' you get messages along the lines of: 'this show will be available today from 4pm.' However, I suspect all these links are dead as they relate to a previous year and TuneIn will assign new links each year. I've always found Worthy FM like this: 1. From the home screen, click on the top left (three lines) button 2. 'Favourites' 3. 'Add custom url' (at bottom of page) 4. Enter the following in the box: (This was the link from 2015. It may be different this year. You will be able to find the new one by looking on the Worthy FM website once they've started broadcasting. Someone will no doubt share it on here too.) Job done. It's a bit clunky to set it up like this, but once it's set up, so long as you've got 'auto restart player' selected in settings, then you just have to open the app to get Worthy FM playing.
  15. Once he sends them to you, be sure to do >this< . It always feels good to take down a fraudster. I doubt the police will be quick enough, but if you've got time on your hands and are feeling a bit adventurous, take a look at >this< website for inspiration on how you might try and mess with them.