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  1. NFL

    You're a Cards fan? Cool. See you week 17.
  2. NFL

    Not sure the Rams have got anything on the Cardinals in Arizona. I see the West as a 2 horse race with The Hawks. The Rams are a dark horse, but more likely the team to effect those two. The final game between Seattle and Arizona is going to be pinnacle not only for the west but for the NFC berth.
  3. Macbeth. Just do it.
  4. Very touching, people.
  5. NFL

    I'm in Seattle for the Carolina @ Seahawks game and Santa Clara for the Hawks @ 49ers game.
  6. How you getting on?
  7. First of all, Hi. Remember me? Cultseeker / Worm etc. Uhuh. Well........ I've got some business I'd like to discuss with Neil regarding websites and traffic and discussions and forums and such. No idea how to go about it. In the meantime, how are y'all. It's been ages. And I'd say I was about 50 / 50 on reflection. Probably should have shut up and listened a bit more though. So who else has no idea?
  8. Not being miserable and not caring so much.
  9. My best and most trusted mate for 15 years. Cheers.
  10. She died from cancer last month.
  11. Thanks people. She's been kept in for a contrast-scan and biopsy. They reckon it's a long standing tumour with a history of secondary infection. Unknown if it's benign or benign turned malignant. Either way, it's disrupting crucial organs and may have disrupted the nervous system via the spinal chord. There are options, such as surgery if benign and operable, surgery and catheterisation with a view to palliative care if not and, of course, the unmentionable. I was told that the situation is 'guarded'. We'll see. Either way, they've got an awesome patient at there place. She's never cried out of fear in her life. Do something she doesn't like and they'll receive a knowing growl though. Well, they do say that cats take after their owners.
  12. Off to a real vets to sort out my eldest cat's skin infection gone mad. It's developed into a solid independent mass around the base of her tail and it's constipating her severely. The local vet said it was cancer at first and suggested putting her down. I made him do an x-ray. It wasn't cancer, it was a swollen bladder. Then he gave her some antibiotics and asked to bring her back. They did jack shit. He then suggested putting her down. The man is obsessed. So I'm taking her to a skin specialist vet to see what the problem is and if there's anyway to remove this obscene abnormality. This is all because my usual vet wasn't available. I'm so fucking annoyed. She's perfectly healthy otherwise.
  13. NFL

    Redskins are my second team. Despise the Cowboys, much like everyone else who isn't a fan. Oh, and the Saints are another back up team on account of my Dad being a big fan of some 30 years.
  14. NFL

    I'm going.... NFC West Seahawks 49ers East Cowboys North Bears Packers South Saints Not so up on the AFC, but the Patriots and Steelers will figure as ever I'm sure.