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  1. Free online Glastonbury Festival novel.

    @guypjfreak cheers, just ordered The Tunnel.
  2. Free online Glastonbury Festival novel.

    Yog, if you click on the link in the OP it should take you to the novel j
  3. Free online Glastonbury Festival novel.

    There's a book called Glastafari, a post apocolypitic fantasy novel set at the festival. It is free for the next 30 or so downloads. Glastafari, set during a post-apocalyptic Glastonbury weekend. With loads of great characters and full-on situations and proper belly laughs to tied you over as a Winter warmer til the next festie season.. If you love, or even hate, Glastonbury, then you're going to simply love this.. Just click on this link and go for it..https://www.inkitt.com/stories/173786?preview=true Worth a look....I havent read it yet. J
  4. No more V festival

    @incident ^ ah,makes sense. The Lulworth thing was obviously Chinese whispers. Cheers j
  5. No more V festival

    Interesting. Aparantly Shambala were in negotiations with Lulworth to move there. Was all going well until Rob da Bank elbowed his way in waving cash. That resulted in Shambala signing another several years contract with the landowner in The Midlands. Wonder if there is any wriggle room for a Shambala move now?
  6. Electric Vehicle Charging

    I suspect that before long there will be lorries kitted out with huge generators and fast chargers that will move around to address that problem. The EV guys seem to be pretty forward thinking.
  7. Kingsman Scene at Glastonbury

    They are finishing up filming a festival based film today near Bristol Airport. Mates' kids have been extras on it. Some of them even got £100 a day plus meals to go to Bestival for some of the shooting. A good friend of mine was security there. He said it was very strange living on an abandoned festival site for weeks. Felt like the world had ended Aparantly they tatted loads of tents from BM and BT to set up the pretend festival site and even brought trailers full of rubbish to scatter around.Pic below! It is being made by the same company that made The Inbetweeners.
  8. Worthy View Review

    A lovely guy who is a long standing WV crew member is seriously ill at the moment. Our family have known him for years. There is a crowd funding thing going on to help out. If anyone can spare anything, even a couple of quit, it would be hugely appreciated. Details below. https://www.gofundme.com/kindness-for-kainan
  9. Murder at Bestival

    One report mentioned that there were some particularly 'dodgy' pills available there. They really should have The Loop drug testing all all major festivals. Really does keep people safer.
  10. It started with a suit .....

    @crazyfool1 @crazyfool1 currently consulting my legal team re plagiarising my thread titles. Be very afraid. Taunton is a small town
  11. Old Music Thread

  12. Field Trip Festival

    Production company there having a big panic right now. The electrics haven't been signed off by a suitably qualified person and the electric company doing the job have no such person. Council won't let it open until sorted. Sure it'll be fine in the end.
  13. Boomtown?

    Yup, I'm a newbie Been invited there for years but couldn't turn down the Boardmaster's dollar.
  14. Boomtown?

    I suspect that tickets will sell much much faster for next year's BT. I know hoards of people who usually go to Glastonbury who say it is BT for them next year. Seems to have had rather good reviews .... http://www.independent.co.uk/arts-entertainment/music/reviews/boomtown-2017-music-and-mayhem-gives-a-welcome-break-from-reality-a7897401.html
  15. It started with a stick 2.0

    After much discussion we have decided to make another table. What a surprise! Likely to be in the same style but a variation on the usual theme. One design fault with the last one was that it was too wide. It wasn't possible to pass anything that needed to be shared from one side of the table to the other.