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  1. This year's big dissertation theme, "environmental sustainability"....
  2. Aware or slightly aware? Can you be slightly aware?
  3. Hell yeah, it's dissertation season! People doing event management courses, interested in festivals, come to the leading festival website for the very first time, post a few links to a survey then disappear forever.
  4. How is a university project going to improve family camping experiences at festivals? Only festival organisers can do that, surely?
  5. What happens to all these "Event Management" graduates that are spewed out every year,
  6. Everyone, bar none, that I've spoken to about Boomtown 16 has said it's the best festival in the UK. One comment I had from someone in the industry, "everything you've heard about it, it's even better than that!" So the missus and I are thinking of going for first time. Looking to palm the kids off for the weekend next year. We're pretty sure we're not looking at family friendliness... (Are caravans allowed on site? Without kids we won't need to bother with the awning.)
  7. Would appear to be an invitation to out of pocket traders to a bank hol shindig. They've certainly "helped out in the past in any way."
  8. Watchet is smaller and not until August bank hol but similar vibe and music. And just a stones throw from the village centre/quayside there's plenty to do away from the festival (including steam trains to Minehead). Great beer and cider at £3/pint (£2/pint Sunday happy hour!) Oh. Then there's the view you wake up to every morning. Can't be more than hour and a half from Bristol.
  9. Been on site today, pleased to report that the ground is holding up really well, even considering the rain over the last couple of days and the heavy vehicle movements. Looking good.
  10. They do have the power to close you down if you don't get the licence, too.
  11. In case you haven't seen it, here it is... (Thornbridge brewery) BAR LIST 2016 Main Ales Bearded Theory Festival Ale - 3.8% Golden Bitter Lord Marples - 4% Classic British Bitter Galaxia - 4.4% Australian Hopped Pale Ale I Love You, Will U Marry Me - 4.5% Strawberry Blonde Jaipur 5.9% - IPA (voted Worlds Best Keg Beer) Parma Porter - 6% Parma Violet Porter Cocoa Wonderland - 6.8% Chocolate Porter St Petersburg - 7.4% Imperial Russian Stout Lagers & Ciders Becks Vier - 4% Lukas - 4.2% Helles Lager Thatchers Gold - 4.8% Real Heritage Cider - 4.9% Cheddar Valley Dry Somerset Cider - 6% Old Rosie Cloudy Cider - 7.3% Thatchers Somerset Pear Cider - 4.5% Rekorderlig Fruit Ciders - 4% Strawberry & Lime or Wild Berry Daily Cider Specials More Ale Wild Swan - 3.5% White Gold Pale Ale AM:PM - 4.5% All Day IPA Chiron - 5% American Pale KYD - 5% Vienna Style Lager Beadecus Well - 5.3% Smoked Porter Colorado Red - 5.9% Hopped Red Ale Wild Raven - 6.6% Black IPA (World Gold Medal Winner) Cocoa Wonderland - 6.8% Chocolate Porter St Petersburgh - 7.4% Imperial Russian Stout Halcyon - 7.4% Imperial IPA Eldon - 8% Bourbon Oak Imperial Stout Jaipur X - 10% Imperial IPA Erdinger Weissbier - 5.6% Wheat Beer
  12. If you listen to just about any electronic music today, every sound you hear was done by these pioneers 40 odd years ago! It's a shame that it looks likely he won't be playing Glastonbury, it would be a proper spectacle and no doubt at all, a worthy headliner. I knew I was the coolest kid in primary school when I got Oxygene....
  13. I refer you to my spokesperson, Catherine Tate's "nanna", "Worra load of shit!"
  14. Where do all the graduates in Event Management end up? Merchant bankers? Trustafarians? How many end up managing festivals?
  15. I refer the 1-post thread starter to my spokeswoman, Catherine Tate's "nanna". Worra load o'shit. Enjoy working in McDonalds, or being an accountant. The sooner universities stop handing out degrees in festival fucking management and such tripe, the sooner the world will be a better place.