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  1. Hope and Glory Festival Liverpool

    O'Hanlon just ramble on incoherently, no attempt to properly answer direct questions, just further, "it wasn't me, someone else screwed it up, yes I'm responsible, but not really and I'm going to be sueing people because of this. Blah blah." Absolutely car crash!
  2. Family friendly festivals

    WOMAD doesn't need to do a school as it's not in term time. Having an OFSTED approved curriculum on site does not absolve parents from their responsibilities as parents.
  3. Family friendly festivals

    Bearded Theory - second May bank holiday weekend - and therefore the first weekend of summer half term holiday for most regions. OFSTED approved school curriculum on the Friday enabling parents to legitimately ask to take their children out of regular school for the day. Over an acre of kids area with almost no additional charges for the activities.
  4. Bearded Theory Festival 2017

    Got to venture out to check this dude.
  5. The Beatherder Festival 2017

    Haven't done a full weekend there for a few years. There used to be big queues (2 hours+) for wristband exchange at gate opening time, was a natural filter on the campsites getting busy early. It's bigger now - unless they've rejigged their wristbanding operation (only been as a guest list blagger for odd days last few years) then it should be fine.
  6. Have you been to a UK music festival in the past 5 years?

    This year's big dissertation theme, "environmental sustainability"....
  7. Aware or slightly aware? Can you be slightly aware?
  8. Parklife Festival - PLEASE READ

    Hell yeah, it's dissertation season! People doing event management courses, interested in festivals, come to the leading festival website for the very first time, post a few links to a survey then disappear forever.

    How is a university project going to improve family camping experiences at festivals? Only festival organisers can do that, surely?
  10. Festival Motivation Research

    What happens to all these "Event Management" graduates that are spewed out every year,
  11. Boomtown Festival 2016

    Everyone, bar none, that I've spoken to about Boomtown 16 has said it's the best festival in the UK. One comment I had from someone in the industry, "everything you've heard about it, it's even better than that!" So the missus and I are thinking of going for first time. Looking to palm the kids off for the weekend next year. We're pretty sure we're not looking at family friendliness... (Are caravans allowed on site? Without kids we won't need to bother with the awning.)
  12. Jean-Michael Jarre

    If you listen to just about any electronic music today, every sound you hear was done by these pioneers 40 odd years ago! It's a shame that it looks likely he won't be playing Glastonbury, it would be a proper spectacle and no doubt at all, a worthy headliner. I knew I was the coolest kid in primary school when I got Oxygene....
  13. General News Discussion

    I was gobsmacked that I was hesitantly listening to a voice coming from the telly (engrossed in reading something) that I was mildly agreeing with and it turned out to be Hitchens. I was pretty worried.
  14. Something Else In The Dean

    My best festival weekend of the season. You just can't beat the vibe of Something Else.
  15. Something Else In The Dean

    I went to Something Else In The Dean in 2013. Reminded me of the first "side of a pub" Bearded Theory, size, vibe, etc. Superb local ales, including a couple of "proper strength" ones, and I would expect the cider was of a similar quality, and good value pricing. One word of warning, Gail has a strict capacity and has no intention of growing any bigger. Make no mistake, tickets will sell out, so if you want to check these great little gatherings out, don't hang around!