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  1. Nick Cave

    Bit late now I guess but I found it was quite easy to get further forward by going down the sides. I popped out for a pint twice during the set and got back in that way - it was the usual problem of people crowding round the edges and staying there motionless instead of moving into the space - you just had to push through it a bit and then it was fine.
  2. Nick Cave

    Absolutely incredible performance last night. Really, really, good. Queues to get in were ridiculous though - I get why there's increased security concerns at big venues but it did feel a bit over the top. Its been quicker at the airport!
  3. BST Hyde Park 2017

    Anyone got any idea of how Green Day is selling? I know they didn't do it last year, but do we reckon there might be discounted tickets available nearer the time?
  4. 2017 Ticket Sale

    First time ever I've not managed to even get on the holding page. Was a nightmare. Thankfully someone else managed to get through for me. Think about 15 of us have tickets in total, 4 to try for in the resale. Seems a lot of people got stuck on the white screen. Add to that it taking longer to sell out - I'm wondering if that had anything to do with people using the refreshenator app and crashing the server (even if it didn't actually help them get tickets).
  5. I am an idiot... Coach ticket brought in error.

    I've had the same experience as helsbels when I've Gone on the coach - tickets have just been handed out by the driver to whoever claims them. I really don't see this being an issue. Even if the coach driver doesn't let you have her ticket, she'll be able to collect it from the box office. I really wouldn't recommend cancelling it.
  6. 2017 Ticket Sale

    No luck at all, just refreshing the same page over and over. Six of us trying, one of us got through a couple of minutes ago on the Thursday in desperation as Wednesday had gone but had already sold out anyway. Oh well, Sunday it is I guess.
  7. 2017 Ticket Sale

    Wednesday sold out.
  8. 2017 Ticket Sale

    Anyone able to confirm one way or the other. I've got a group of 6 trying tonight - all the money has been transferred to one persons debit card and we're trying with that. All UK registrations, but 1 of us is in South Africa atm (they'll be back in about a month). If that person is the one to get through to the booking page, is there going to be any problems with them using a UK debit card? Should I tell them not to try and to leave it to the rest of us?
  9. Future headliners

    Or with the new album taking so long, there'll be increased hype for it nearer the release date, and they won't be at any risk of over saturation because they've been away for so long. That's the problem with acts progressively rising up festival lineups each year, most people will have already had plenty of chances to see them.
  10. Future headliners

    Seen some very strange ones in this thread so far, but then again, maybe the same could be said for my stab at it below: MOST LIKELY: Returning headliners Radiohead Beyonce The Cure Paul McCartney Arcade Fire / Mumford & Sons / Arctic Monkeys / Kings of Leon / The Killers (I'm sure at least some of these will be back in the future) New headliners (Long time big acts who've never done it) Foo Fighters Madonna (Have Glastonbury ever tried to get her? Does she even play festivals? Unless there's some reason to believe otherwise (?) - I can see it happening eventually - I think she's canny enough to realise the good will and extra sales she'd get from it) The Stone Roses Elton John (I know he did Bestival a few years back, which is obviously smaller, but is there any real reason why he wouldn't headline Glastonbury? Has he never been asked? He's got so many hits and he can still sing. That's good enough for me...) Depeche Mode (Ok, they're much bigger internationally than in the UK so would probably be quite suited to the Other Stage, but if Glastonbury got them to agree to headline the Pyramid - and have I read right that they have tried to - why not? Would strike me as similar to the Neil Young booking a few years ago) New headliners ('breakthrough' acts) The xx - If a new album is as well received as their previous two, The xx will absolutely be ready to step up and headline. Just look at the amount of Spotify plays they've got if you doubt that (and we're not just talking 1 or 2 songs), and then add their critical acclaim, and the fact they've already proved themselves with headline slots on smaller stages/smaller festivals. Kendrick Lamar - Kendrick Lamar is certainly on the right trajectory - though it could be a while. He hasn't exactly got the casually-known hits of Jay-Z or Kanye West yet, but if he isn't already, its clear that he's going to be the most important guy in hip-hop for years to come. Ed Sheeran - I hope its not next year, but ye, fair play to him, Ed Sheeran will likely end up headlining in the not too distant future. Taylor Swift - Same goes for Taylor Swift too I guess. -- LESS LIKELY: Big acts who've not headlined before - less likely Daft Punk Kate Bush Fleetwood Mac Green Day Red Hot Chili Peppers Rhianna or Lady Gaga New headliners ('breakthrough' acts) Tame Impala - Tame Impala are bigger than I realised, and from the sounds of it, their sub slot went down much better than most would have guessed. Maybe subbing the Pyramid is their peak, maybe it isn't - but I don't think we can say never. Biffy Clyro - Biffy Clyro have definitely gone backwards in the UK and very likely missed their chance with Glastonbury now, but another massive album and it is possible, its just whether that will happen though. The National - Seems more likely that The National won't ever break through to that level, but if the next album was either very critically acclaimed or a surprisingly big commercial success, they could be given the chance to step up too. They'd have earned the exposure such a headline slot would bring. Queens of the Stone Age - Queens of the Stone Age would be a big curveball, but again, if a new album was very well received why not? Would be more exciting than just booking bands who've headlined several times before just because they're available. They'd give a cracking performance and would deserve it really. Dizzee Rascal - If Dizzee Rascal releases something to trouble Album of the Year lists, rather than just the charts, again, maybe he'd deserve a punt. He's British for a start, and Glastonbury have booked him often enough to know he can pull a crowd and put on a good show. Looking a bit further ahead: Chvrches - Very early days so maybe they're a silly prediction - but if ever a band could be bumped up to that level and really nail it, I think Chvrches could do just that. I really did think they were fantastic on the Other Stage this year. I hope they're more than just a very good flash in the pan.
  11. Beck

    Was not far behind the second barrier for him. Thought he was brilliant to be fair. Have seen him twice at festivals before and don't remember enjoying him as much as I did this time. The crowd seemed fine to me whilst watching (guess I must have just been stood in a pocket of actual fans), getting out though was a nightmare. Almost nobody moved when he finished, clearly all waiting for Coldplay.
  12. Adele

    One of the best headline acts I've ever seen at this festival. She absolutely smashed it.
  13. Headliners 2016

    I've been thinking the same. Three white male rock bands, and all big on the falsetto vocals. Whilst, they don't actually sound that similar to each other at all really, they have all been accused of that in the past - or rather Coldplay and Muse have been accused of sounding like Radiohead. So ye, it would seem strange for a festival that likes to mix it up so much - especially as all three of them have headlined multiple times previously. But I'd be surprised if Radiohead played another secret set again - so all in all, I'm just confused.
  14. Secret resales

    Didn't get any alert. Thankfully, I didn't need to be paying attention - the mate I was going to get one for text me this morning to say she wouldn't be able to afford one so not to bother. Sad for her. Fantastic news for everyone who got one today though! The waiting game on this thread for the last couple of weeks has been almost unbearable - and that's from someone who already had their ticket!
  15. T day

    Aside from the friends I was trying for, that seems to be the case with my facebook feed n'all. Where's that thread from earlier this week asking why it sells out so quickly now? Well mass appeal the festival certainly does have - there's people I know who've got tickets who I wasn't aware were even that into music. A few people who went for the first time last year going again too - they obviously loved it.