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  1. Poll: Were you successful in the sale?

    Its a no from me
  2. Sold out

    only had connection timeOuts
  3. Quick question from a panicking man

    Can confirm same card can be used for multiple transactions - share the details here and we will prove it lol
  4. Camplight Pre-Pitched Tents

    So how did you find this? Was it good?
  5. Feeling sad but looking for inspiration...

    Completed the 5k run (3miles) in about 25 mins without tripping over any of the kids there happy with my time but even happier that two of you lovely people that don't know me gave a donation Thanks to Wanderlei and Angela for the donations, my £80 on just giving goes alongside an offline figure of £110 so £190 raised altogether. Thanks everyone for the playlist suggestions
  6. Feeling sad but looking for inspiration...

    Excellent - that too has been added to my playlist
  7. Feeling sad but looking for inspiration...

    Many thanks for the donation Still looking for more playlist suggestions...
  8. Feeling sad but looking for inspiration...

    Just checked with Scott it was ok to post link here as I didn't want to appear to be spamming it. Have sent Pm to you with link, should anyone else want it (which would be amazing but totally not expecting it), the donation link is http://www.justgiving.com/MartinEvans123 Cheers
  9. Feeling sad but looking for inspiration...

    AndyC is a good shout Wanderlei, just sent you PM
  10. Feeling sad but looking for inspiration...

    Cheers, added to playlist
  11. Well everyone on Facebook seems to be discussing their packing and travel plans for Glastonbury, but all I seem to be doing is pestering people for sponsor money for a 3 mile paint run I'm doing raising money for a local hospice. I am missing Glastonbury for the first time in a few years due to the birth of my son back in September and only one income in the household. Still, to make up for missing Glasto as I said I'm doing this paint run - but I need he help of everyone here to help suggest a good playlist for me - best song I've had when running so far is Rudimental - Waiting all night, so, suggestions for similar BPM songs for someone that likes dance/edm/random music Cheers And have a good Glastonbury!
  12. Cabaret Field bar, Wednesday 6pm: eFestivals meet

    see ya there - will prob have my old blue efests tshirt on - but then again, others prob will too.... lol

    With the Glasto site going black for 24 hours ( don't be in the dark about legal highs) - someone had suggested when its back online tomorrow the lineup would be there too - thoughts?
  14. Android app for eFestivals now available (FREE)

    Got myself a HTC One M8 the other day - completely forgot about this app (had it a few years ago) - it's now in pride of place on my homescreen