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  1. Thanks for these replies - really helpful
  2. Just trying to get prepared for next year and need some advice... My mum did a sky dive for her 60th and now wants to do Glastonbury before she's 70. Yes, she's mad. First of all, I'm looking for advice on campervan - mum has a camper and we are thinking of bringing my little boy (he will be 2 and a half) - not enough room for the three of us so I will be in a tent. What's the rules about putting a tent in a camoervan field? Also never been to Glastonbury with a child before, hints/tips? I've been 3 or 4 times previously Any good trolleys to put kids in to wheel them.around that you'd suggest? And how much are they? Thanks in advance
  3. Its a no from me
  4. only had connection timeOuts
  5. Can confirm same card can be used for multiple transactions - share the details here and we will prove it lol
  6. So how did you find this? Was it good?