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  1. Many providers deploy carrier grade NAT (Network Address Translation), so there could be thousands of users behind a single public IPv4 address. IPv6 addresses are different though.
  2. After having a couple of years off Glastonbury due to having my little one, then wanted tickets this year (and planned on taking my 69 year old mother too), I was unsuccessful - felt quite depressed as I was really looking forward to it, was in a different ticket group to my mates, they got them and I didn't, ah well - the wait until resale is a long one but must keep chin up...
  3. Sadly I didnt get anywhere with booking a ticket this year - only had a holding page on my mobile on 4g but just had connection errors on my laptop. Quite a few people have said the same so wonder if See have some sort of filtering to allow connections from mobiles to prioritise laptop/computer connections? Ah well, on to the resale, wish me luck
  4. Thanks for these replies - really helpful
  5. Just trying to get prepared for next year and need some advice... My mum did a sky dive for her 60th and now wants to do Glastonbury before she's 70. Yes, she's mad. First of all, I'm looking for advice on campervan - mum has a camper and we are thinking of bringing my little boy (he will be 2 and a half) - not enough room for the three of us so I will be in a tent. What's the rules about putting a tent in a camoervan field? Also never been to Glastonbury with a child before, hints/tips? I've been 3 or 4 times previously Any good trolleys to put kids in to wheel them.around that you'd suggest? And how much are they? Thanks in advance
  6. So how did you find this? Was it good?