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  1. Ufc

    That's not the story at all. DJ wanted a fight at flyweight with Cody, Cody was also up for it but the UFC told him that wasn't a money fight and that Borg was next in line, so he signed off on fighting Borg. Then they told him he was fighting TJ and he refused, they said it was the biggest fight they could make for him after turning down for the Cody fight. So he stuck to his guns and persisted to get the Borg fight. Yes, he did want stipulations regarding TJ's weight and not making weight put in if they insisted on that fight but ask yourself this, how is TJ vs. DJ a bigger fight than DJ vs. Cody, its not ! Dominic Cruz is the only man to ever have defeated DJ, Cody is the only man in recent history to work out the puzzle of Cruz in the Octagon, so with that little bit of history and the fact that no-one close to defeating DJ at fly weight it makes a DJ vs. Cody matchup very appealing. Also Fuck Jon Jones, hope he never fights again, probably been juicing all his career as the 3 fights he's had under USADA he's pissed hot on two of them. Feel for DC, Jones has fucked with that mans life for years and no-one will ever know if a clean Jones could beat DC or the other way round.
  2. Lineup 2018

    Unless there's rumblings of new music from TOP they won't be touring next year, the tour dates for Blurryface are all done. Is their turnaround usually quick ? If not it's 2019 for them me thinks. Will Catfish still be touring next summer as well, I think not. I also think Foo's will play Download
  3. Ufc

    If there was ever a point that the UFC needed him and his brother back fighting.
  4. Ufc

    If its true he really is a massive piece of shit. All that talent yet it seems he didn't believe in his talent enough to go into a fight with DC without pissing hot. Some people are addicted to drama and conflict and run towards their inner demons, Jones just seems like one of those people.
  5. Which festivals will sell out quicker next year?

    Neil, whats your position on festivals adopting a similar position to Glasto in terms of taking your own booze or food into the arenas. Also do you think the festivals need to offer more choice in terms of drinks on offer, Leeds for example has a cocktail bar in the camp site just before the arena but once inside you've got a choice really of lager or cider.
  6. One month on...

    Setting off from Hull a week today for a 4 day camping holiday near the site, going to go up to the TOR for the first time and have a bimble round the farm on one of the days, I cant wait .
  7. Which festivals will sell out quicker next year?

    Festival season hasn't been kind to most of the festivals, aside from Glasto, Latitude and Lovebox most have had shocking weather which has ruined the festivals sites, add to that Kendal has had really poor reviews and V is trying to rape people for every penny they have I think festivals will generally struggle next year. IOW and V have had to offer 2-1 weekend tickets this year to boost sales FFS ! Ive said to friends that apart from Glasto the business model and strategy for the big festivals is starting to fail, why some of them aren't looking at Glasto as their blueprint baffles me. People dont want to be ripped off by festivals, they want a bit of freedom, a variety of choice on the lineup apart from music and a feeling that the festival isn't trying to bleed them of every penny. I priced up Kendal for my family for next year and it was just extras, upon extras, upon extras after initially pricing up a weekend ticket, absolute rip off. Next year we're taking the kids to Paris for 4 nights with two of the days at Disneyland Paris, the wife wants to go to Amsterdam for the first time and Im trying to persuade her to do Lovebox for the first time. My brother, a Glasto regular, went to Lovebox for the first time this year and loved it, loved the vibe and the setup of the place, said the full weekend, including seeing Jazzy Jeff DJ, blew him away.
  8. Future headliners

    Fun Fact: Glass Animals will never headline the Pyramid Stage
  9. Future headliners

    I'm in the same boat as you that Id love them to headline, absolute dream headliner tbh. I always thought Metallica had no chance, those were another dream headliner of mine, and here we are this week with an article where Lars has said Glastonbury has changed his life so stranger things have happened. Those songs, especially the ones off "Ten" are meant to be played on the Pyramid, it just has to happen at some point, unfortunately the Eavis' have never seen the connection between Pearl Jam and the likes of Neil Young, Bruce Springsteen and The Who so Michael doesn't see them as a good fit for Glastonbury.
  10. Future headliners

    None of those bands will ever headline Glastonbury. Its not me being negative either as I would love all of them to play at some point in the future
  11. Future headliners

    Great band but they won't headline either stage, John Peel headliner at best one year. The festival looks for massive world wide acts to headline the pyramid now and road tests potential headliners in the sub slots. The closest I think we'll come to a smaller headliner now is Foals or The XX one year but they'll have huge headliners on the other two days incase they aren't well received.
  12. Kendrick Lamar

    Id say the most likely outcome next year is headliner at R&L. He's already subbed it and had the best response of anyone that day at Leeds, the crowd for him was incredible as was K.Dot, he's also headlined Longitude which is another FR festival.
  13. Ufc

    Agree about Lawler and Cowboy. After all his trouble and the fact he he was rusty in his last fight I could see D.C. winning. If the Jones shows up that fought OSP then he's in trouble as D.C. would have killed that guy and Jones was very lucky that D.C. had to pull out. I'd also like to see what a loss would do to Jones as well, in terms of the octagon all he's known is winning, and the loss to Jones arguably made D.C. a much tougher and better fighter.
  14. Lineup 2018

    Anyone think Twenty One Pilots could get the next album out before R&L 2018 and grab a high main stage slot ? They've been teasing on twitter about this being the end of the Blurryface stuff but the pictures they've been posting do feel like its leading up to something else and them not taking a break.
  15. Ufc

    Hope DC can somehow pull out a victory against Jones, he may be a class fighter but he really is a classless piece of garbage outside the octagon. Sick to death of this "your not the real champ" bullshit, I know part of it is to create publicity but if he really believes that did he expect the UFC to sit on the division for 2 and a half years while he got his shit together, and tbh I wont believe the fights on until both men are in the octagon.