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  1. Don't compare it then. They openly said they were spending more money on bands last year for their 10th year. There's still plenty more bands to come too.
  2. I'm rubbish at posting images on my phone but if anyone fancies knowing the announcement, the band Moses have kindly put it up early on their Facebook. Lower than Atlantis, Frank Carter and the Rattlesnakes, Mallory Knox, The Menzingers, Honey Blood, Skinny Lister, Young Guns, Will Varley, Rolo Tomassi, Kevin Devine, Tall Ships, Roam, Puppy and then a couple of others who I can't work out if they've been announced already or not.
  3. I've seen them be good a few times, Reading last year was poor, don't think they suit big stages.
  4. I fully expect Blossoms to be far too high when it comes to the final line up
  5. 18 bands including headliner Sunday night.
  6. Their tour ends Saturday, seems like more than a coincidence if this announcement is Sunday. Not a big fan of the new album but I like LTA.
  7. Guessing they'll announce that it's on the rock show
  8. Why on earth not?
  9. This announcement was supposed to be tomorrow? Cos efests have it up now...
  10. The bloody Wonder Years!
  11. Doubt it, a pair of tickets to one of his shows are more than a download ticket!
  12. I hate the fact AFI aren't playing Summer Shudder on this recent tour.
  13. That coupled with MTV rocks playing a video of theirs on the R&L line up show makes it look pretty likely.
  14. JEW always tend to get booked on main amongst some indie rubbish so it'd make sense. They did sub the Radio 1 tent way back though, possibly even headlined it? Against Foo Fighters, one of the worst clashes ever.