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  1. Hundred fucking reasons!
  2. Aaron West was highly requested and the way they're hyping this announcement makes me think it's happening.
  3. Possibly because of 2000 trees but I doubt it
  4. The Hat has now said Dillinger and Aerosmith don't clash.
  5. Does anybody really care about vampire weekend any more?
  6. I hope not but entirely possible
  7. Maverick Sabre has apparently confirmed a full clash
  8. I'd say probably by the 3rd week of May.
  9. Liked hard times, the new one just seems all over the shop, not catchy at all.
  10. Tonight Alive went pop and got less attention than they were getting before. They're not going upwards on any line up. Shikari have probably reached their limits but I don't see them dropping.
  11. Also think of a really bad band name that nobody has yet and whack that in pretty high.
  12. They also played more or less the entirety of an album that came out the week prior which didn't help.
  13. I'd expect so, would explain why the splits briefly appeared earlier.
  14. I'd pick less than Jake over muse
  15. You can watch from outside yeah, they have a screen set up. The only show I watched in the tent last year I got in the queue straight away as the show before finished but it didn't feel like I queued all that long.