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  1. 1. The Wonder Years 2. The Xcerts 3. Deaf Havana 4. The Menzingers 5. Hundred Reasons
  2. The times are on the one they give you when you arrive.
  3. That's fair enough though.
  4. That'll only be a few songs too.
  5. I think Paramore are nailed on for next year.
  6. They were given 2.5 at Reading one year but ended up finishing after 2.
  7. Airbourne are the closest to the top with a tour poster about. There's supposedly a FFDP tour coming Tuesday with in flames and of mice and men if that floats your boat.
  8. Yeah don't see any problem with that.
  9. They'll be separate tickets. Wireless don't do any combo tickets, even for weekend tickets.
  10. Hundred fucking reasons!
  11. Aaron West was highly requested and the way they're hyping this announcement makes me think it's happening.
  12. Possibly because of 2000 trees but I doubt it
  13. The Hat has now said Dillinger and Aerosmith don't clash.
  14. Does anybody really care about vampire weekend any more?
  15. I hope not but entirely possible