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  1. Download 2018

    Eh, I'll have a go: Enter Shikari / All Time Low / Rise Against / Neck Deep Avenged Sevenfold / Black Stone Cherry / Rival Sons / Hollywood Undead NIN / Stone Sour / A Perfect Circle / Architects
  2. Download 2018

    NIN are the best band I've ever seen live (sober). They would kill a download headline set and really need to be headliner to pull off their proper stage show. Always hoped they'd be given the Friday download slot one year.
  3. Boomtown Fair 2017

    Was stood queueing from 1:30pm - 10pm on the Thursday (after joining the coaches queue at 9am...). Really hard to 'get over' an experience like that and made me lose a lot of respect for the festival before I was even in. Is there really no contingency for the bar code scanners going down? Once in however, I thought it was great. A lot of unique ideas going about the festival, enjoyed the different areas with different themes and different ways to get your mindset into them. Saw some great acts (most of which I'd never heard of before the festival), met some great people and enjoyed the lack of corporate sponsers / Bang-hai type theme. For me a great one off, glad I did it but dont think I'll head back. Will always recommend it to others.
  4. Rock Werchter 2017

    If anyone happens to have an A1 camping ticket available it'd be grand if you could message us - got one friend who is currently camping on her own in C3. Could also do a swap if that would suit anyone!
  5. Football 16-17

    Don't post often - and will probably regret getting involved in this luck debate, but couldn't resist the temptation to get involved, as it something I've thought about quite a few times recently, specifically with regard to Kane and Alli! To me, there are two ways to view youth recruitment in the context of 'luck': 1) A select few youth players are ultra talented super-stars to be who are destined to 'make it' (with Kane and Alli being a great example of a club scoring two in a short space of time). In this instance, Tottenham (or whatever club signs / acquires said player) were extremely lucky to gamble on the signing and nature of this player, as with the many thousands of youth players that all the mega-clubs are fighting to sign, its clear no one has any real hope nor the scouting prowess to pick out 'the stars' intentionally. 2) Alternatively, you could take the view that every youth academy has many players who have the potential to be 'stars' (at the level of Kane, Alli or better), and that the coaching, facilities and opportunities given to those players determines how many of them, on average, actually 'make it'. In this scenario, I would argue there is actually very little luck associated to the club - its their infrastructure which determines how many good players come through their youth setup. Luck and circumstances can be attached to the individual players, sure, but with a large enough sample of potential youth super-stars its statistically inevitable great players come through if the infrastructure is in place. The two scenarios above are two extremes and I'm sure the truth lies somewhere in the middle. However, to me, when you look at Poch's record of bringinig youth through its hard to argue against the second view point. In less than 3 years at Spurs, he's brought (off the top of my head) 8 players through the first team (Kane, Alli, Bentaleb, Winks, Carroll, Davies, Dier, Mason). Sure, not all of them were good enough in the end (and were sold on for a handsome profit), but I don't believe we can rigidly argue that things are this completely stochastic luck-driven thing given Poch's record thus far. Of course, I'm also basing this on his shorter spell at Southampton, where he built the entire Liverpool starting 11 in a year ! So, I guess I would ask Neil, if Spurs have another Kane or Alli come through next year, and another the year after, would you continue to regard it as 'luck'? When does one have to turn your head and ask 'why arn't these players coming through at City / Chelsea / United / Arsenal?', and begin to question if its their methods and policies that are the problem?

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