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  1. Download Festival Paris 2016

    Can anyone offer much info on what this will be like? Bored of Download, but fancy a festival abroad, and while it feels really lame going to a Download literally as close as possible to the UK, it seems cheaper and has a decent looking line up. Do we know if there are 3 stages like UK Download? I can only see 3 day camping tickets - is the site only open from Friday onwards? The website seems to literally be a line up poster, so I'm guessing the answer is to wait and see...
  2. Download 2016

    And now I remember why I got bored of Download and didn't go last year. How many years am I gonna have to take off before we get a line up that feels anywhere near 'fresh'? It still blows my mind that the Prodigy / C&S day went down what felt like an apparent success, for Download to then revert back to the same old crap every year after. Bored.
  3. Cashless? I'm stunned at the apathy.

    I'm not totally sure that statistics is the primary incentive for the likes of LIveNation implementing a scheme like this. I assumed this was more to do with simply helping with the movement / management of physical money. Having millions of pounds of cash on site is a huge security risk, alongside great expense required in moving it, counting it etc. Stat tracking is possible, but I'm not totally convinced it tells them a huge amount of information they probably don't already know for the most part. Stat tracking on the scale of the major supermarkets isn't simply something where they note down a load of numbers and rejig their stores to sell double the product. It requires an extensive experimentation based approach, which is grudually rolled out over a small sample of stores and very often yields statistically insignificant results (which may not correspond to a positive increase in sales). Generally I've formed the impression that large corporations are the most mindnumbingly boring, risk-adverse entities in the world. While the stats they could in-theory collect on every festival goer is compelling, I don't think any of these companies have a willingness or culture to experiment and change things based on 'the stats'.
  4. Download 2015

    God dammit I was hoping I could skip Download this year...
  5. Football 2014/15

    Of course if the premiership was to put in place such a system, then all the talent would simply move to the other major European leagues where they could get a bigger pay cheque. It would give us a more competitive and interesting league but ultimately the best would leave for Europe in a heart beat. The sad thing is the premier league actually has certain things in place that keep it financially fair - at least when compared to say Spain where each team negotiates their own TV licensing fee. Over there you get Madrid and Barca getting 100m + euros and the next highest earner in the league a quarter of that. The premier league split it far more equally (albeit still with more to the bigger teams), but clearly given Barca and Madrid keep getting all the premier league talent it already shows that any sort of (truely) FFP in the premiership will lead to more talent leaving Athleticos achievement was truly outstanding last season in reality. Having just looked it up, new legislation is coming into La Liga that will prevent the top earners (Barca, Madrid) earning any more then 4x the bottom earner in the league . Its sad much money that's gonna cost Barca and Madrid.

    It was, but I found when I played Uncharted on the thing it didn't feel right. I don't want to play epic story telling type games on a handheld console on a train, I wanna play them in front of my 50" plasma with nothing going on around me. The best handheld games have always been those that have a more pick up and play type vibe, which is normally where indie games fall in. It seems like the Vita has bombed pretty hard sales wise anyway so indie games are all thats left, seems they're the only things that can make money on the thing lol.
  7. Football 2014/15

    I don't know whats happening at Fulham anymore . Can't see how that ever doesn't turn into a complete flop, and this is with Mitroglu still kind of being somewhere in the background with no clue what the hell he's going to be doing this year. *shrug*

    The vita is a great bit of hardware - I've got the OLED one too and the screen is brilliant. It's the first handheld I've never had an issue with sun / light glare while trying to play, cause the screen is just so damn good! The battery is maybe short but still lasts 5 hours, can't say I've ever had it run out on me but does mean you need to remember to charge it whenever possible. Its games line up is really drying up, I think E3 this year showed that Sony are kinda losing interest in the thing now that the PS4 is set to be such a cash cow for them. I think every Sony developer is working on a Ps4 game now, which doesn't leave a huge amount of resources left for Vita games and it shows with the rest of this years line up being 'headlined' by Minecraft and whatever Sony Japan are making lol. It pretty much seems to get all the indie games that PS3 and PS4 do though, and in reality I'd much rather play them on a handheld then I would Uncharted or Killzone. I'm kinda happy with the Vita just becoming an indie system in all honesty, especially given that they all come free to PS+ in the end lol.

    In reality its because Demon's Souls was kinda a sleeper hit, and Sony really didn't have much faith in the game so it caught them off guard. They worked with the develoeprs to get the game out in Japan but kinda threw it away in the west, letting ATLUS publish it in the US and Namco in Europe. Once its sales caught fire Namco came in and struck a deal with the developers to get them to make the 'sequel' but changed the name to Dark Souls avoid IP infringement with Sony - who own the Demon's Souls name. Well clearly, Sony kinda regret letting that one get away and have gone back to the developers (From Software) and said we want you to work with us to make another Demon Soulsy esque game, exclusive for our console, but this time we're actually gonna give it a push and effort and make it one of our headline games. They didn't publish Demon Souls and yet Blood Borne was premiered at E3! I think it's awesome, while I'm sure many of the core 'Souls' attributes are there (difficulty, slower style combat, exploration) they could so easily build on them to make a game that has its own identity - while also being another awesome PS4 exclusive.

    The reviews seem fine, some go as low as a 7 but they are all upwards from there probably averaging around 8.5. It's not gonna be GOTY but it seems to be a very good game. I ain't gonna pay up whatever they're charging for it on PS3 (InFamous is still £40+) but I'll grab it when it's finally discounted. Visuals were clearly held back by having ps3 / 360 versions I think. Reckon we'll see a clear distinction this holiday between games that keep previous-gen iterations (Assassins Creed, Call of Duty, Far Cry) and those that go exclusive to PS4 and Xbox One (Batman, The Order, Drive Club). Sensing a vibe of delays / releases to 2015 though, albeit it's all kinda speculation before E3. I reckon the first wave of games that really feel like they 'need' the new consoles won't be before then. It took roughly that long for Gears of War and Uncharted to come out and show off the 360 and PS3.

    Best controlled I've ever had, albeit only had Nintendo and Sony consoles. Would be nice if I could turn that damn light off though! Seems like such a common thing in games now, one company takes the lead, then get arrogant and makes poor decisions leading to their downfall. Really does just feel like arrogance - Sony thought they could do whatever they wanted with the PS3 and it'd win because the PS2 was such a goliathe. 360 was the strongest console in sales by the end of the last cycle meaning Microsoft thought they could get away with more, while 6 years of hurt for Sony made them make logical, sensible decisions and make an all round better proposition of a games console. PS4 still needs games though, sounds like Sony's first party is going through a lot of issues at the moment and its lead to a scarse early 2014 lineup and still dodgy exclusive holiday line up. Although it matters less nowadays as the third parties put out some brilliant games now anyway.

    Not sure on level but think it's around 22ish. I don't really know how I got them all, I used to play games like that before trophies existed anyway in all honesty. Is a horrible time leach though, not got a platinum in a long time cause of it. Tons i need to finish up though. will do so over easter I think.

    I'm a pretty big trophy hunter, think I've got some 40+ platinums now. Don't really have time for it nowadays but when i have a week off work I normally dedicate a lot of time to getting platinums - need to finish up Bulletstorm and Batman:AC next time I have a break! Not got a PS4 one yet either, I'd expect that InFamous will be my first though given that Killzone will still take me a good while and Resogun won't be until my next holiday. The hardest one I got was probably Demons Souls, its quite common as people can glitch to get it but I played through the game 4 times legit to unlock it lol. Never felt too much like a grind either, great game. Wish I had the same amount of time nowadays to play Dark Souls to that extent lol.

    Saw it yesterday, didn't realise Hotline Miami was PS4 too! Awesome. Gonna play Mercenary Kings with my girlfriend too, looks awesome. Sly on Vita is cool too, might not have my PS4 / PS3 for a week over easter .

    We played that the other week but it just wasn't as fun as we remember . Only had 2 controllers though so may of just been that. Micro Maniacs however with 8 controllers, amazing!