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  1. Any way still to get in - pretty much entirely theoretical

    Thanks again for all suggestions; to clarify I was interested in legitimate (albeit) last minute ways of getting in, not tips on how to get in for free. Wouldn't want to take the pi$$ out if the festival or all those who've paid their way, and frankly I don't have the balls to blag it anyway!! I'll vainly hope that one of my emails sent today offering my services as a volunteer pays off, and in all likelihood shall be toasting you all from the couch as I watch on TV with a tear in my eye and my resolve strengthened even further to leave nothing to chance for 2019! Have a great one all!
  2. Any way still to get in - pretty much entirely theoretical

    Love all the suggestions in this thread guys... Thank you and keep 'em coming. For what it's worth I've been emailing charities and associated companies offering my services and donations! Am pretty much resigned to missing it but guess there's no harm in trying! All I know is I'll have every kind of safety net in place for 2019... belt, braces, another belt etc etc!
  3. Hi all A mostly (alright, pretty much entirely theoretical) question but if you found yourself right-here, right-now with the time off work, available money and the freedom to pursue any means possible of getting into Glasto at this extremely late stage, are there ANY open? I'm fully prepared for a mix of mocking and the odd far-fetched response (up to and including equipping myself with a few twix bars, camo gear and then going on a ninja-like mission) but hoping for any legitimate suggestions (including ridiculously priced glamping options, ANY kind of work, bribery, ANYTHING really!!). I'd spend 8 hours per day on the toilet cleaning crew if I could be there... seriously nothing would deter me! The backstory, should it be of any interest... not missed Glasto other than willingly since 2003... missed out on tickets in each and every round this time... it's come down to resales a few times. Last year managed tickets for me and my wife in the secret May resale and think I must have burned out the last of my ticket buying karma. This year, all signs seem to point to maximising my torment... my work contract was ended early by my client and I now finish work on Wednesday. I've found a new contract which won't start til July and as such have the time off too! In a further bizarre twist, the recruitment agent who got me the job has a long standing free ticket for working as info crew at Glasto... and yes I asked if he could help out!! Anyway, would welcome anything anyone can suggest! So happy for all of you who are gonna be there... needless to say you're going to have an absolute blast! Have a great day all Toby
  4. Secret resales

    I had the shorter one, but if the longer one is live also then I'd save one of each, repopulated and hit submit as and when!
  5. Secret resales

    If you manage to get one of the 900001 pages pre-populated with your reg numbers then I'd heartily recommend keeping it open on a tab and submitting the details periodically, using the back button if you get the 'Admission Tickets Currently unavailable' message. When a sale happens hit submit and hopefully it'll take you right to the payments page... that's what happened for me anyway.
  6. Secret resales

    use the back button on your browser and open a new tab for future links/loading up the generic see tickets page... thats what I did
  7. Secret resales

    Kept it open from yesterday, when I hit submit it goes to the page not found, and when I try and load it directly it goes to the extras page
  8. Secret resales

    No, this one...
  9. Secret resales

    Indeed... as mentioned above it redirects now, so relies on you having kept a page open from yesterday... a slim chance I know, but thought I'd mention it.
  10. Secret resales

    Good Luck to anyone still trying and hoping... All I would advise is to have the link below open (if you still have it open) then keep it pre-populated with your reg numbers and postcodes, and ready to submit. See took this page down just prior to the sale and it redirected to a 'Page Not Found' but I kept one open and ready anyway and when the resale/flashsale happened submitted and it went through having pulled back the reg details, i.e. I didn't have to go through the General Admission link they added to the glastonbury.seetickets.com page. The only slight problem is that if you try and load the page now you get the 'page not found' message again so it kind of relies on you having kept one open from yesterday. Glastonbury.seetickets.com/event/Glastonbury-2016/worthy-farm/900001 Anyway, good luck! Fingers crossed for you all!
  11. Secret resales

    A button went on the homepage (glastonbury.seetickets.com) above all the others. that went to page not found when I clicked it. I then submitted another 90001 page that I had already put two reg numbers into and it went through to payment page straight away... Just very lucky!
  12. Secret resales

    The 900001 link came back to life if you had it open and repopulated... had to get in mega quick... congrats to all you who got them and massive commiserations to those who didn't
  13. Secret resales

    it's done... booked!
  14. Secret resales

    Removed 'Sold out' from the camper van tickets link
  15. Secret resales


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