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  1. Who popped your Glastonbury cherry?

    Sadly I don't remember mine...which is suprising as I'm known amongst my friends for having a really good memory! 2004...I know I watched The Chemical Brothers headline the other stage....what I was doing before that is anyones guess! 
  2. On a different note...Euro Football at G16!

    Tim Booth from James talks about Glastonbury showing England v Columbia on the Friday in 1998 which initally clashed with their set until they asked for it to be moved....      
  3. tickets and how it could be done better

      I think you'd see a lot less people trying for tickets. 
  4. tickets and how it could be done better

      Save up during the year means about £20 a month into a seperate account and then you have the full price. Simple.
  5. tickets and how it could be done better

    Paying the full price in one go in October, would put the cats amongst the pidgeons as it were.
  6. 4 goes to Glastonbury.. 1995

      I watched the coverage of 95-03 before I actually went, in my defence I went through a massive rock/metal phase in the late 90's/early 00's so I'm not so sure I would have enjoyed it back then anyway.   I remember going very close to the site about 2 months before the festival in 1998 whilst on holiday with my mum and brother and thinking 'I must come here someday'      Finally went in 2004 when I'd got over it and never looked back!
  7. 4 goes to Glastonbury.. 1995

    Wierd to almost think of 1995 being from a completly different era! Makes me feel old - haha.   I remember catching snippets of this late night (I was around 13 at the time) and for the first time seeing what Glastonbury was really like, then the BBC got the coverage for 1997 and did it properly and I think that's when 'modern' Glastonbury really started as more people who wouldn't have gone before then started attending because they saw it wasn't just full of drugs and crime. 
  8. Which page to refresh

    I know about 40 people trying and no one has got through yet.
  9. Working for barcode

    double post. 
  10. Working for barcode

      I arrived at about 6pm on the Friday at Reading this year as I couldn't get the time off work. We watched the tail end of Bastille  on the main stage then went over to watch Run the Jewels, Limp Bizkit and Knife Party back to back in the Radio 1 tent.   From what I saw around the Radio 1 tent/Dance stage and that Somersby bar area was that everyone was gurning their tits off on pills/mdma, and the queues for the cubicles were miles long as it seemed large amounts of people were doing coke.     Not that  I have any problem with it whatsoever (I indulge myself a little late at night), and drug use is usually quite open at festivals, but I did suddenly feel like I was back at Global Gathering rather than a mainstream festival!    It then mean that queues for the bars in that area were really short as everyone seemed to be frothing at the mouth with their little bottles of water in their hands.
  11. How to check a ticket is genuine?

    Tickets are going for around £150 on eBay if think the one from Facebook is too much of a risk!
  12. Food at Reading

    last year they had a 'mobile' Subway in Reading Rivermead car park.
  13. Working for barcode

    Its a new company who've taken over the bars at Reading and Leeds this year, the Beer Workers company lost the contract.    One of my friends worked the bar at Reading for many years so was quite upset when they said they weren't doing it this year.   She used to do 3 x 8 hr shifts, I think her payment was entry to the festival and free food tokens.
  14. Festival/Glastonbury saturation point?

    and having said all that....I just bought a Reading Festival ticket for £80 under face value! 
  15. Cheap Reading Tickets on ebay...

      Just thinking about last few years.   2015 £137 2014 £190 (backstage guest) 2013 - full price 2012 - full price 2011 - £100 2010 - £160  2009 - full price.