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  1. I've done at least one festival since 1999 and whilst it would be weird going a summer without one I'm seriously considering it. I've wanted to go back to New York for a long time (last time was 2001) and my girlfriend has never been...the money I would spend on a festival would pretty much pay for me to go! Might give Bestival a go at its new location if I do anything at all.
  2. Just read through a lot of this thread....some of which I agree with but I think some of it is just a generational thing and is what us lot who've been 'festivalling' for a number of years now just have to accept and put up with. Anyway heres my two-pence worth on this years event. 1. Mobile phone use. Absolutly obscene. I had an argument with one of my mates who was just constantly on his phone to his girlfriend (texting) caused a bit of a scene but i had to say it. Walking across back across the other stage with some pints before an act i noticed loads and loads of people were just sitting staring into screens. Not a Glastonbury thing i know but its sad its come to this. 2. The site seemed a lot more packed this year, and we encounted a lot of people with fake wristbands/had fake tickets. Not sure if there any numbers on how many got in. 3. Might be worth offering reduced value tickets for entry on Thursday 8am onwards only could help spread the queing problem that is currently happening on Wedesday AM each year. 4. I would agree there definatly seems to be a lot more posers there these days, even since i started going in 2004, types that i wouldn't expect to encounter....perhaps a refelection in some of the acts being booked these days that you used to see on the line up for V ! 5. No campfires anymore, again i've noticed this happen in the last few years can't say i've really seen them much in the last 10 years or so. Probably because there is so much else on offer elsewhere!
  3. I noticed the BBC put together a short clips of some of the highlights since they started presenting coverage back in 1997. I always find watching the old 'news' style clips of the festival from 1997-2002 ish facinating, not just the performances of the bands but the interviews and roving reporter stuff. Interesting the news clip from 1998 saying that it was the first year they had cash machines on site!! Anyone know of any more clips knocking about?
  4. have sent pm
  5. Does anyone Have a spare programme ( the big book ones) mine went miss
  6. Boots stayed in the car, waterproof jacket and my jeans in my bag. Wednesday was far too hot for me, but the rest of it was almost perfect!
  7. Not exactly a new experience, but I watched all three Pyramid headliners for the first time (it was my 12th Glastonbury)
  8. thanks everyone, it was just a bolt out of the blue at nearly 10pm and suddenly everything was up in the air. i'm still going to go and see him tomorrow (3 hour drive) and if i feel its ok i will go to the festival later than planned. dad loves live music, and his fave band are the foo fighters, he watches glastonbury every year on tv.
  9. i probalby shouldn't be sounding off to people on a music festival forum about this, but no one else to talk to about it.
  10. i just spoke to the nurse, she said he came in with kidney 'injurys' but has responded to the treatment well and is up and talking, i told them to let him know i had called. i swear the swealtering heat and sweatyness of my flat is making this feel worse.
  11. can i do that at this time of night?
  12. i'm getting conflicing information from my gran and the nurses on the ward, so i will just try to see what's said tomorrow to see what i should do. i was due to drive me and two other mates down tomorrow afternoon to a hotel then onto the site weds am. so if i'm not going to go i need to let them make alternative plans. my gran has been ringing all the relatives fearing the worst and i think possibly that might be panicing everyone more than the reality is. yes, dad obviosuly comes before glastonbury! thanks for the support everyone.
  13. my dad has been taken into hospital this evening, he's been suffering from cancer for 6 years and its taken a turn for the worse tonight (kidney problems) going to see him tomorrow to see how bad it is. i'm just wondering, if i decide not to go to glastonbury would i be able to get a refund or anything back even if i didn't take the insurance or is that it?
  14. Just a message to say, thanks to everyone for all their contributions to this chat forum. I don't post much anymore, but I am a daily lurker/reader even in the winter. I have found useful tips, back door links to get tickets, advice etc over the years. Even though i have been going for sometime there is always plenty to chat or moan about! This is my way of being able to chat about Glastonbury and festivals without boring my mates (which i do plenty of anyway) I hope everyone has a fantastic time down on the farm next weekend! and remember, sharing is caring...