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  1. Glastonbury Sound Systems from the mid-1990's

    too many people playing around with their phones rather than getting involved these days!
  2. Found these two good videos on youtube....might bring back a few memories for some, and make others like me jealous we never lived through it!!
  3. possible ticket cancellation..

    Sadly Dad died last Friday at his home after a 7 year battle with cancer. He always used to watch Glastonbury on TV (always looking out for me in the crowd shots) and used to 30-40 gigs himself a year but camping wasn't for him so never did any with me. (although we did gigs together the last being Richard Ashcroft in Dec 2016)
  4. Acts you don't "get"

  5. 30k more tickets for Glastonbury in future?

    I think the site is at bursting point as it is. Me and my friends commented it felt way to busy around some of the pathways a lot over the weekend at this years event. That said the dance village was extremly quiet when we were in there. Went to Sonic Hayes tent for Sister Bliss DJ set to kill an hour before the Foo Fighters and the entire arena wasn't busy at all, and that was at 7pm on the Saturday night where i'd expect it to be heaving. I think a change to that area would be welcome, and free up some space which is getting over populated elsewhere. Personally I can only handle the S.E corner one night out of the three and don't bother with queing and just go in at 3am or so when its just about to start getting a little quieter...although one mention of that is trying to get to the toilets in Block 9 from the railway track side always seems to be a nightmate, that bit where the bar is to the right and stage to the left bottlenecks up badly as well..people coming in, people going to the toilet, people going to the bar, people staring at the stage and people off their mash falling everywhere seems to be a meltiing pot for problems there! I do also think the older I get the less tolerent I am for big crowds/pushing and I now try to stand nearer the back (and near a toilet if possible! )
  6. Glastonbury Festival Wikipedia page

    wow thanks henry bear i shall keep an eye out for more updates as they happen!
  7. Glastonbury Festival Wikipedia page

    I look at the wikipedia page on occasion for reference and I notice there are a lot of gaps (especially pre-2000) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Glastonbury_Festival_line-ups Does anyone know how to fill it in (I'm a bit stupid and don't) As i notice there is a programme from 1998 on sale on ebay and the seller has posted most of the line up with stage times etc...would love to see the line up pages more full. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Glastonbury-Festival-Programme-1998-Pulp-Blur-Bob-Dylan-Robbie-Williams-Primal-/172751343090?hash=item2838c84df2:g:R4wAAOSw8HBZNDPN
  8. 20 years of eFestivals

    Wasn't this site the official site for the festival back in 1998? How did that come about?
  9. 20 years of eFestivals

    Started posting on here asking about going to Glastonbury 2003...which I never made it to, made it to 2004 and never looked back. Have always enjoyed this forum, like the people who post on here. Would be fun to see some screenshots of the forum from 1998!
  10. Glasto 2020: Passing the torch?

    I came away from this years feeling something was missing for me that 'spark' I used to get from going...I wonder if its because i've been so many times now (done the last 12 in a row) that it's lost its zing for me? Has anyone else reached a similar number and given it a miss for a couple of years or re-found their enthusiasm for it somehow? I certinaly think its time for me to give the class-A drugs a massive scale down if I go in 2019, as that just seems to wipe me out until early afternoon the next day! I'll be nearly 38 by the time the next one rolls around, has anyone else had to have a change in tactic/approach to the festival to be able to still enjoy it?
  11. Rate Your Festivals

    2010 - great weather, good laugh with mates...still my fave festival ever 2008 - good mates, good drugs, a lot of us went, fairly good weather, Jay-Z was interesting.. 2004 - first one! 2005 - good laugh with a small group of us despite the thursday night downpour 2009 - good crowd of mates and decent line up 2016 - had a good laugh with new friends despite bad weather. 2013- good weather, but recall it missing that spark that year for me for some unknown reason 2017 - good weather and enjoyed saturday, but family health problems with my dad overshadowed it. 2015 - good laugh as i recall, but only two of us managed to get tickets so wasn't the usual blast we usually have 2014 - was decent enough but over indulged on the thursday night and spent a lot of friday ill in my tent! 2011- weather nearly ruined it, and i was having personal problems at the time which meant i didn't really enjoy it. 2007- weather ruined it...thank god for drugs.
  12. Offical T-shirts...

    I'll order a XXL and hope that it fits!
  13. Offical T-shirts...

    thanks strange they have them in cms rather than inches! xxl for me?!
  14. BBC Highlights Show

    In fairness to KP and LG the wind was howling around the site at that point so the sound wasn't great for either.
  15. Offical T-shirts...

    Anyone got an idea how these size up? I want to buy one now as I forgot whilst I was at the festival, but the size guide seems to be in weird measurements? https://webshop.stanleystella.com/content/files/SizeGuide/STTM528.pdf Usually i'm a 46 inch chest..but these are in cms?!

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