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  1. Booked in at the Travelodge at Podimore Yeovil services junction of A303/A37 on the Tuesday night. Managed to get a triple room for £81 a couple of weeks ago. Only travelling from Oxford, but can't be fucked getting up at 3am anymore so will drive down tues afternoon and at least it gets me a couple of extra hours in bed!
  2. Can you buy a car park ticket at a later date? I forgot to buy one when paying my balance off last weekend.
  3. So even John Peel was pretending he was covered in mud?
  4. some good memories guys, thanks for sharing.
  5. lived here 30+ years!
  6. Please god no...
  7. Having had many friends go from 1999 onwards I finally decided I wanted to go in 2003. However completly unprepared we were on our way to see England v Turkey in Sunderland and when we arrived we were in a shop getting some food and heard on the radio that Glastonbury had sold out inside 24 hours which was unheard of at the time. Never invesgiated further (annoying given the great weather and line up that year) and waited for 2004. Finally April 2004 rolled round and we had 6 of us wanting tickets, all of us at uni at the time chatting on MSN messenger ready for the 8pm thurs on sale by one people gave up and I luckily had the friday off from lectures and kept going, eventually some kind soul posted on here the freya link and i got through and booked my ticket, then managed to get hold of one of my mates who answered his phone at 6am and got two for him. (had to pay the balance in full and like someone else said it was two tickets max per transaction) So we had three of us going to the festival, luckily a week or two later i was browsinig these forums and someone posted that tickets were on sale again rang the other three friends and thankfully they all got tickets as well. Never looked back, and two of us who went that year still go every year together and will be in attendance in 2017. Can't believe that its 12 1/2 years ago!!!
  8. 2009 festival, the website said 'sold out' but mates of mine bought tickets freely as late as the end of May that year...i.e if you entered your details it allowed you to purchase a ticket despite the front page saying 'Sold out'
  9. I got tickets in the resale for the 2015 festival after missing out in the main sale for the first time ever. Don't give up hope, and my advice would be take a coach ticket first if you can just to be on the safe side...(which is what we did)
  10. 2007 monday morning taken in Big Ground...
  11. So we were attempting to get 33 tickets (Some were mates of mates) Personally, I had no success on laptop or iPhone - didn't get anywhere past the white screen. One person got through around 9.20am on his phone and got 6 (inc mine), then another got through twice just after and got another 12 Then there was some confusion as some people were in two lists and we had to re-organise... In the meantime my mate got through and booked four just after 9.30am , then the hosts thing popped up on here and i copied and pasted it to a mate who's IT savvy and that got us another four about 9.40am. It then sold out. So we still need 6 tickets who missed out this morning. Plus another for my best mate who hasn't been since 2013 and didn't realise until this morning his registration had expired. And i'd go along with the theory its complete pot luck, personally i got my own ticket in 2004, 05, 08, 09, 10, 13, 14 and 15 (resale) so everyone thought i had the midas touch...until the last couple of years where i've had no luck. The only luck we had was the hosts thing which my mate understood...thanks efests again for that
  12. Got home Monday afternoon, shower then a Dominos, then got back on it round a mates house for the England game and crashed in at 1am.. Was a complete state Tuesday think I spent more of it asleep than awake. was back in work Weds 8am and had a couple of comments that I looked a right state (I think now at the age of 34 I need to book the Wednesday off as well now!) been getting the Mandy jitters/shudders/shakes, bad dreams, bouts of depression, very sore nose from doing too much naughty stuff, really painful blister on my left heel too , falling asleep for mammoth naps after work, not bothered with the gym his week either. thank god tomorrow is Friday! quiet night in tomorrow then seeing a friend of mine on Saturday hopefully she can liven me up! couple of quiet weekends then got 3 nights at Truck festival!!
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