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  1. Isle of Wight fest is moving to Glasto weekend next year for their 50th anniversary. We're thinking of giving it a go but I'll probably spend the whole weekend complaining about how commercialised it is. Also looking at festival no 6.
  2. Damn my slow typing! Ok guys, I'm officially standing down. Have booked a trip to Scotland instead. Everyone with tickets - have a fantastic time. Everyone still trying/hoping/waiting - good luck! Thanks to everyone in this thread for keeping me sane for the past however long it's been. See you at the cider bus in 2019
  3. we'd be in for 2 for £200 each if this is genuine.
  4. Should the mods end any threads where people mention illegal activity? Like drug taking, underage drinking, bringing in flares etc?
  5. Was hoping for a really shit weather forecast so there'd be some last minute VIP/glamping cancellations and we could all swoop in and get a bargain. Damn you sun!
  6. What are the chances your friends look like me & my husband?!
  7. There's defs been a big wheel and a helter skelter in the past.
  8. Great news, hope it works out for you.
  9. Yes, but when we don't sound defeated we just sound deluded. There's still time. Come on See, push the button!
  10. I've got weds-tues off work, so I'm definitely going somewhere.
  11. There's only so long I can keep convincing myself stylist mag is gonna phone any minute. Or See will decide to put all the returned tickets on the door with our names on.
  12. My ticket optimism is starting to wane
  13. Good to see the successes in this thread. Horribly jealous but still happy for those who've found a way in!
  14. And a twix.
  15. Morning all, back for another day.