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  1. please buy tickets via our links

    Thanks for the tip. Just bought our Camp Bestival tickets via the link. Love this site and happy to support!
  2. This forum is more addictive than crack

    Rumpola, I'm in exactly the same position as you. We secured tickets for four Glastonburys in a row (2007-2010) and loved every minute (obviously). Since then we've never managed to get close to a ticket. We now have a 5-year-old who's desperate to go and we'd love to do something like Wednesday-Friday with him, then drop him off at his grandparents and do the Saturday-Sunday by ourselves (with added misbehaviour). I'm desperate to see Radiohead in particular. But I'm resigned to the high likelihood that we will not get the tickets. Still, if anyone else is out there and willing to help us try next month in the resale...
  3. Kanye west confirmed

    Surely I'm not the only person who is 1) not going this year (unless resale works for me), and 2) gutted to miss Kanye? People might have difficulty separating the man from his music, but the guy's a genius in my opinion. He's a fantastic producer, and although he may not be everybody's favourite rapper, there are few people in hip-hop with such an outrageously eclectic, era-spanning set of skills. Late Registration is hands-down my favourite hip-hop album by anyone, ever.
  4. Change Name

    Hi there, Please could you change my name to CardiffWanderer Thank you!
  5. Big announcement on 6 music tues breakfast show

    Smiths reunion?! Ha ha.
  6. Nick Cave

    I think we at least need mention of Dig Lazarus Dig here. Better than AB/LOO for my money.
  7. Nick Cave

    Gutted I missed this. I absolutely love Nick Cave and his 2009 set was one of my all-time Glastonbury highlights (Stagger Lee was fantastic then too). Also saw him with Grinderman at Alexandra Palace in 2010 and that was just as intense.

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