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  1. Where the fuck has my Scorchio gone ? !
  2. Sweeeeeeet
  3. Thanks dude.
  4. Still in the queue mate. I can see a wig says Gate 2 ???
  5. Fuck knows !!! I have crossed the road from the initial fence queue and done maybe 150/200m been at standstill for 15 mins
  6. Just what someone in the queue said. Got no idea if it's true ? How many does Big Ground hold ?
  7. What's the score at the front of Gate B please ?
  8. Not got there yet moved about 150m after the road. Going downhill and left a bit. Can't see a sign. It's very stop start.
  9. Just heard someone in the queue say Big Ground is full already ????
  10. How much further once you cross the road ? I have just crossed it.
  11. Get on it efester lol
  12. Well Gate D is open !
  13. Well it's only 40 mins now anyway so not much of a wait
  14. Ok so confirmed 0800 opening then. At least we know now.
  15. Thought as much