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  1. Just announced on local news, this has been cancelled.
  2. I'm off work post-operatively, so need to spend time feet up. I've just started binge watching Orange is the New Black. Enjoying it so far.....
  3. Those I know are well & happy :-) There may even be marriages & children involved since they were last on here..... ;-)
  4. He's a lovely bloke, in 'real' life.
  5. I'm still in touch with several of those named :-)
  6. Great news!
  7. On Wednesday I got free tickets from work, for Cat Stevens last night. What an incredible gig it was! He was sublime in every way!
  8. Tenterhooks?! I'm FUCKING terrified!
  9. Is it really too late?
  10. It's looking fantastic on site &the weather is scorchio! See you all here very soon!
  11. ************* IMPORTANT INFORMATION**************** We don't like to put a downer on things when everyone is getting so excited but this is important, so please bear with us! As many of you know, we ran an offer for those who bought Alchemy tickets via Paypal to apply for complementarty tickets to Equinox and many of you successfully applied and will be joining us. We would like to make it clear that AN ALCHEMY TICKET WILL NOT GET YOU INTO EQUINOX FESTIVAL- WE ARE A SEPARATE COMPANY AND HAVE NO LEGAL RESPONSIBILITY TO THESE. There are no exceptions to this and you will need to pay the on the gate price (if there are tickets available) if you wish to join us or you will unfortunately be turned away. Please do not make a wasted journey under the impression that you will be able to get in with an Alchemy 2016 Paypal receipt.You wil be disappointed. Our offer for these ran from March until the 31st July and it's conditions and end date were publicised on our Facebook pages and website. Right, serious bit over with- stand by, normal service resuming :-)
  12. And there's me sitting at home watching the BBC weather feeling glad it looks dry there. Sorry that's not the case...
  13. our allotment is 3 this summer. It started as a bare, weed ridden wasteland. Lots of hard work later & it's now coming along very, very nicely. We're on the NE coast, so it's a bit chilly but we've got loads packed in. All sorts of berries, cherry, plum, greengage, apples, quince, artichokes, beans, peas, sweet corn, squash, spuds, onions...... Amongst other things! Oh & loads & loads of bee friendly flowers and a pond.
  14. ADF are an awesome booking!