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  1. Perfect festival! Skunk Anansie and Kissmet nailed it! That weather too :-D ☀ ☀ ☀
  2. It's here :-)
  3. Cheers - never a dull moment that's for sure!
  4. Thank you both x
  5. On Easter Saturday, Rabid and I got married. We met on here - the second of two marriages that followed the Singles Thread meet in a field in Sussex on Oct 20th 2007. This made us both VERY happy!
  6. We're travelling from Northumberland. A few hours, gotta love a road trip.
  7. Just announced on local news, this has been cancelled.
  8. I'm off work post-operatively, so need to spend time feet up. I've just started binge watching Orange is the New Black. Enjoying it so far.....
  9. Those I know are well & happy :-) There may even be marriages & children involved since they were last on here..... ;-)
  10. He's a lovely bloke, in 'real' life.
  11. I'm still in touch with several of those named :-)
  12. Great news!
  13. On Wednesday I got free tickets from work, for Cat Stevens last night. What an incredible gig it was! He was sublime in every way!
  14. Tenterhooks?! I'm FUCKING terrified!
  15. Is it really too late?