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  1. And there's me sitting at home watching the BBC weather feeling glad it looks dry there. Sorry that's not the case...
  2. our allotment is 3 this summer. It started as a bare, weed ridden wasteland. Lots of hard work later & it's now coming along very, very nicely. We're on the NE coast, so it's a bit chilly but we've got loads packed in. All sorts of berries, cherry, plum, greengage, apples, quince, artichokes, beans, peas, sweet corn, squash, spuds, onions...... Amongst other things! Oh & loads & loads of bee friendly flowers and a pond.
  3. ADF are an awesome booking!
  4. I met Rabid on these forums 8 1/2 years ago. On Saturday, I popped the question. He said YES! This makes me very, very happy!
  5. Oh, and the ambulance took ELEVEN hours to come. ELEVEN FUCKING HOURS!!!!!!
  6. You are so kind to ask. Mum's in hospital, awaiting what could quite possibly be a pretty huge operation. Long story short, a couple of years ago her femur broke & is held together with a huge amount of internal metal work. Basically, that has broken. Hence not being able to get her out of her house. Now they are trying to figure out what the hell they can do to fix it this time. (sorry if that's too graphic, I'm medical!)
  7. I'd have taken her myself hours ago, but I can't actually get her out of her house.
  8. Thank you. I dread to think what the wait will be once we actually get to A&E
  9. waiting 6 hours so far (& still waiting for an urgent ambulance for my Mum is less than amusing right now....
  10. Shit news. There has been so much of it since Christmas eve. Enough now.
  11. Same here, really sad about it. RIP x
  12. Thank you.
  13. Kaos, how are you today? I hope you've managed to speak to your GP. Never forget, you're not alone x
  14. It's a lovely festival. There's a big group if us who camp together, most of whom met via these forums a few years ago. You'd be more than welcome to join us.
  15. Must be a scarey time. Try to look after yourself x