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  1. Things that annoy you ?

    Must be a scarey time. Try to look after yourself x
  2. Things that annoy you ?

    As others have already said, fingers crossed it's nothing too dreadful.
  3. singles thread

    8 years ago today, I met Rabid in a field at a party arranged through this very thread. Happy days :-) :-)
  4. do you ever try to make others feel good ?

    What utter tosh!
  5. Queuing for the Toilet

    Years ago, I was at my then boyfriend's very posh parent's very posh house. His younger brother, about 11 or so at the time, did a shit of which he was so proud, he fished it out of the loo in a shoe box. Which he then brought downstairs for us to see!
  6. Festival horror stories article

    Paul TM woke up one morning & took a swig of a bottle of pop one of our camp had tidied away into his porch Glastonbury 2007. It wasn't pop, it was my Absinthe. Nice!
  7. Weber BBQ

    I've just been to Australia & Weber there is synonymous with barbecue.....
  8. Things that ur happy about

    Spiders? Absofuckinlutely not!! Very, very, VERY happy to report no arachnid mishaps/close/any encounters. That was my biggest fear! I have to say Australia blew any expectations I may have had right out of the water. It was truly incredible!
  9. Things that ur happy about

    I also survived a very close & prolonged contact with a cassowary,a huge, lethal bird! We were trying to back away from it but the bloody thing kept going where we went! Oh, and swam with a shark on the Great Barrier Reef! Back home on one piece now!
  10. Things that ur happy about

    Certainly got the heart pumping!
  11. Things that ur happy about

    In Australia you get fresh & salt water crocodiles. Salties are the big, fucking dangerous ones & you don't go anywhere near water they may be in. Freshies are smaller & more timid & don't attack. Unless you get a bit too close. I got a bit too close, I went to see the croc people had spotted & thought it was on the bank. Not in the water....luckily the Aussie woman next to me took the bite, even though onlookers said it was going for me. Turns out I can swim and scream at the same time!!!
  12. Things that ur happy about

    Managing to swim away from the crocodile which attacked me yesterday made me VERY happy indeedy!!!!!!;
  13. Holiday!

    At lunchtime today, I'm flying to Australia for a three week adventure with my daughter who's living there. We will be driving the Great Ocean Road, flying to Darwin for a week camping in various National Parks in the Northern Territories & then across to the Queensland Coast for Great Barrier Reef, Daintree rainforest & then the Whitsunday islands. Oh my, I'm excited!!
  14. Things that ur happy about

    I'm off to Australia today to meet my daughter & head off for a three week adventure! This makes me very, very happy!
  15. Bearded Theory 2015

    I know Paul TM & Pinhead didn't! Did you? What a brilliant festival it was! Pretty perfect I reckon.