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  1. How to keep my beers cold?

    Me and my friend have booked for the two day standard, as there is only two of us we’re worried about carrying everything as we know you can only do 1 trip! I’m gonna get a big rucksack for all toiletries clothes etc so we’ll have a rucksack each but on top of that we’ve got a tent a crate of beers each a bottle of vodka each are we allowed to put bottled spirit in our bag or do we have to carry it through? Also would it be wise taking an icebox? I’m only taking about 12 cans for myself because I won’t drink all 24... maybe I’ll get 24 between me and my friend, but will an icebox be too much to carry? Also taking a disposable bbq too. How else can we keep our beers cold? I’m reyt for it tasting like warm piss
  2. Me and my friend are going two day camping! We are on the standard site, we could all meet up if you wanted to!
  3. Creamfields 2018

    I’m going with my friend! Feel free any of you to tag along. Where you all from??
  4. I've booked to come to Creamfields this year and just wanted something specified. I have booked the 2 day camping, which I know starts on Saturday, but I also know the festival goes on until Monday. Is my ticket one night camp and two days at the festival or camp Saturday sunday and come home Monday? As it seems a little odd it only one night, as you won't be able to make the most of your second day if you're driving back! I'm new to these things. HELPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP