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  1. Riding solo ✨✨

    Come with me if you like? im planning on going too
  2. Omg kendrick lamar and kingd of leon are the best ones there! Yeah sounds cool add me on facebook too. Shannon marie spiers
  3. Awesome add me on facebook shannon marie spiers
  4. Saturday alone, anyone fancy meeting up

    I wanna go and have no one to go with in down for meeting
  5. I want to go but have no one to go with either im down?
  6. Creamfields 2018

    Im going with a male friend so if anyone wants to come along with us are more than welcome to! i think were going friday -sunday camping
  7. Hey we haven't brought tickets just yet but me and my friend are planning on going if you wanna tag along. I'm female 21 and he's male 24 from bham
  8. Wireless

    Hey I'm going to wireless 2018 on Friday and Saturday and as my mate couldn't afford it I'm not going alone and was wondering if anyone else was going alone or been let down or simply wants to meet up and go together! Always after new friends so anyone please pop up/respond shannon.