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  1. NOS Alive 2018

    There's absolutely no problem - there's the same (long or short) entrance queue for everyone, so the waiting time will be at this point (there is even a bridge looking stage where bands are playing during your waiting time). Due to this - the entrance is step by step - you do not have to wait to get your wristband. You are kind of entering the festival area first and get your wristband (and sometimes a funny hat), when you are inside.
  2. Mad Cool 2018

    Got mine today. I think they send it step by step from the moment you purchased your ticket. I bought mine on the first day. My friends who are attending (and bought later) didn't get anthing until now.
  3. Mad Cool 2018

    I think so. Had the same option and my wristband is on his way to germany.
  4. Mad Cool 2018

    Ah, so it wasn't the spammail that it looks like :-)
  5. NOS Alive 2018

    Yes, there is possibly a bus and if you get the right one - perfect. I'm not sure how many people you are, but a taxi in lisbon at night cost a minimum of 4 euro, but this includes the first 3-4 kilometers. So the whole way back from the festival will cost around 12/13 euro, from Cais Du Sodre ca. 7 € - which is nearly the same price for 3-4 people if you take the train/bus, and a taxi delivers you directly to your hotel.
  6. NOS Alive 2018

    You can also try to walk from Cais du Sodre (which I would not recommend). There's a regional train from alges to that station in lisbon which runs every 30 minutes during the whole night, but it ends at Cais Du Sodre. The metro-lines close somewhat around 12/1 A.M. They are also some night busses, but I haven't managed to figure out, how they work and where to leave, because usually they don't show the stations in the bus.
  7. NOS Alive 2018

    I stayed there in 2015, too. It's quite easy: You take the green metro-line, travel to cais du sodre and take the train like all the others. When you go back - take a taxi (from cais du sodre or the festivalsite). The metro starts at 6.30 so you won't get back after the festival.
  8. Roskilde 2018

    Nine Inch Nails, Black Star, Fever Ray, My Bloody Valentine, Peter Sommer, Celeste, 6LACK, AMMAR 808, Dead Cross, El Leopardo, Four Tet, Laurel Halo, MHD, Sampha, Superorganism, Turbolens, Yasmine Hamdan, B From E, Emil Kruse, Fool, Gurli Octavia, Marshall Cecil, Pale Honey, SASSY 009, Simon Littauer, Slægt These are the 20+. NIN, Fever Ray and Four Tet are pretty cool. Check out Celeste. They are an awesome live act.
  9. Fm4 Frequency Festival

    "Reading and Leeds have announced the worst lineup ever" Frequency: "Hold my austrian beer"
  10. O Son do Camiño 2018

    Wait, the whole festival is 39 Euros? Am I reading something wrong?
  11. NOS Alive 2018

    Thanks, maybe you should see Embaixada Lisboa and Casa Do Alentejo (very hidden) too. Both close to Rossio.
  12. NOS Alive 2018

    It's always a mistake to use airbnb ;-) Despite that, it's a good place to stay. There's a straight walkway from the festival to santos parallel to the tejo river. It's one of the few streets thats not mountainous in Lisbon and good for cycling. But as said before it's usually no problem to take the train. Btw: Check out LxFactory, which is not so far away.
  13. Lollapalooza Berlin 2018

    By the way: The Weeknd is europe exclusive.
  14. Lollapalooza Berlin 2018

    I disagree to that Kraftwerk-Point. They are a big act in germany, sure. But they're from the 70s and so are most of their fans. I don't think it's a good place for them to play - a festival which focusses on the generation of their children and grandchildren. I once saw Kraftwerk at the Hurricanefestival and it was pretty empty in front of the stage after 15 minutes. This. It's an odd mix of target groups. The National and Ben Howard on one side - David Guetta & more on the other. There's no common theme in my eyes.
  15. NOS Alive 2018

    Best stay in lisbon is Alfama I think. Lovely place, many small streets/restaurants/ good places to visit, not that overcrowded. You have access to the metro to Cais du Sodre there. Best stay according to reach the festival may be Belem (which is close to the festival), but that's far from the city center and there not so much to do before that (except the visit of the beautiful monastry). If you like to get fast to the festival (and stay in the city centre) stay close to "Cais Du Sodre". It's the train station where every train to Alges (Festivalsite) departs and and arrives and it is close to Bairro Alto, where you can find many bars, if you like that. There are many hostels in Bairro Alto. It's nice, but it's full of tourists and bars. If you like to stay quiet - stay at Alfama. Near "Rossio" is also a very good place to stay, because it's central to everything. "Also, does anyone know when the whole festival usually sells out?" This year was special - in the last years you where able to buy 3-day-passes until april/may....

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