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  1. Isle of Wight 2018 Festival

    Giving us the stage times would be good. We'll just have to wait. Never really been keen on this stage in the past but this line up looks great this year. so many potential clashes in my head already, think I'll just be winging it on each day as usual rather than over planning it.
  2. Isle of Wight 2018 Festival

    Great breakdown there Havors. I'm not familiar with some of the groups so good to get a bit of a heads up on how good live they are. I've told the Mrs to have Mr Brightside close my funeral, think that song will be one of the moments I manage to remember from the festival, there won't be many (that's booze related, not quality of groups)
  3. Isle of Wight 2018 Festival

    Yes. Nothing starts on main stage until around lunchtime or a bit later even so you'll not miss any of main groups.
  4. Isle of Wight 2018 Festival

    Still all a bit middle of the road for me, although good groups to sing along too not enough mix of music . I mean I like Travis but it's album music. Some more upbeat groups would of been good. Hipshaker tent hasn't been confirmed as returning which was always good for upbeat tunes so there's only a few groups for us who like a bit of a boogie, especially when drunk . I'll be at Cirque de la Quirk sock wrestling when Sheryl Crow is playing, way more fun!!
  5. What time does the festival car park open on the Thursday?
  6. Last couple of years "Bargain Booze" have been at iow. You preorder and pay for booze before festival, print off your receipt email and take it to their stall and collect to take to camp site . You don't have to collect all your purchase at once, they'll hold some back. prices are same as supermarkets but you can only buy in advance so watch for their link coming onto iow festival website. With regards to age it is mixed. Last year for Clean Bandit in the big top it was mainly your age (a few thousand) and obviously if acts appeal to your age, that's where they'll be. Have fun.
  7. Isle of Wight 2018 Festival

    Saw Chase n Status in big top around 7 years ago when they'd just broke into charts. It was dangerously full but awesome atmosphere, although it was the full group not dj set like this year. if they and chic follow each other in big top that'll be brilliant, no need to move for a couple of hours :-)
  8. Isle of Wight 2018 Festival

    I got an early bird ticket (£130) but they were only on sale for a few days before there was a notice saying the limited number had sold out. no idea how many sold. I'm sure if tickets sold massive numbers in a short time they'd be publicising this, most good PR companies would!!
  9. Isle of Wight 2018 Festival

    That's good to hear.
  10. Isle of Wight 2018 Festival

    Cheap tickets are always on offer from people in the few weeks before. I think there'll be even more available this year with line-up lacking a big name crowd draw act.
  11. Isle of Wight 2018 Festival

    Well some of the usual rock groups announced in Manic Street Preachers, Feeder but at least at last some originals too in Hacienda Classicals, Nile Rodgers with Chic
  12. Isle of Wight 2018 Festival

    Even Brighton Pride managed to announce a headline act which was such a koo that it made national press (Britney Spears) . Now whether you like Britney or not it made national headlines. Great publicity. Iow announcement was more of a whimper than a bang.!!
  13. Isle of Wight 2018 Festival

    Conversation with Hipshaker on Facebook today. Annie Horne replied (iow project manager) saying they're trying to sort something - as I said all a bit last minute. Without the eclectic mix of random areas playing a mix of music the festival doesn't do it for me.
  14. Isle of Wight 2018 Festival

    That's correct, Hipshaker weren't asked to be there last year despite it being one of the best areas in my view. A few weeks ago they advised me that John Giddings had said to them, when not booking them for last year, that it would only be a miss for that year. However, they're still waiting to hear about this year. Last minute notice will cause them difficulty booking acts. They had an area last year called Old Kiwi Moat which was a bit more chilled that Hipshaker, held far less people and no stage built up so you couldn't really see who was playing. Hipshaker area would be far better.
  15. Isle of Wight 2018 Festival

    They're not even announcing any of the fringe stages or areas yet which is annoying. Having recently been in touch with Cirque de La Quirk and Hipshaker, who both run great areas/stages at the iow, neither could confirm that they would be there this year. It all seems a bit last minute this year. I don't mind a bit of extra camping space and dancing space but I don't wanna be at an empty festival!!!!

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