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  1. Electric Picnic 2018

    I agree, generally you'd see some acts that have 3arena shows show up for electric picnic. Guess who's playing this month? The Killers, QOTSA and Depeche Mode. 3arena is a Live Nation owned arena. One can hope. If Sziget fest announces them then it's a sure thing.
  2. Bilbao BBK Live 2018

    BIg fan of QOTSA and would prob go to Mad Cool cause of this. On the other hand I’ve BBK tickets bought. And going to BBK means I won’t see Pearl Jam. Not my band. id be comfortable letting them get used to the new location and check Mad Cool out next year once they’ve worked through the kinks. But yeah as to a rock band with the remaining budget? I’ll take a guess at yeah yeah yeahs. They’re a bit left field like Bilbao seems to aim for.
  3. Bilbao BBK Live 2018

    It is a strong start, Def not my taste, Gorrilaz setlists are quite random, with alot of non singles being played. In fact hits are a rarity. Though they will always finish with one or two hits in a row. With the Humanz deluxe release you have an awful lot of filler with very few actual good songs. Though this is only my perspective. The XX are a boring headliner having seen them twice now in a year. Hopefully time no3 will be good though it's annoying that there is nothing else to watch while the main headliner is on stage unless you're into some obscure dance music. Nothing is scheduled for the other stage during the main headliner performance. I agree with @YunT about there being no expensive headliner left. I'd would love Queens of the Stone age and feel it would balance out the chilled out dance/synth pop vibes of the XX and Gorrilaz. Bruno Mars, Noel Gallagher, Franz Ferdinand and Arctics for FIB Beni. Pearl Jam, The Killers and The National for Mad Cool. I think we'll see Liam Gallagher and perhaps Robert Plant added for Bilbao BBK. I just want the Queens man!
  4. Tour Announcements & Upcoming Gigs

    I'd def go with Laneway as it has more of my taste. Auckland city limit looks like a good party. Laneway!
  5. Primavera 2018

    Well you got QOTSA, JAY z, Chance The Rapper, Pearl Jam, Paul McCartney and that's only a small slice of AEGs artists. I reckon Pearl Jam could take another day with QOTSA and eagles of death metal (also AEG) as under card. Jay Z with Chance and Tyler the creator (if he sorts the legal issues) as undercard. Just guessing. Also Arctic Monkeys are AEG : edit
  6. NOS Alive 2018

    I'd airbnb, somewhere on the cacais train line as you can get a combi ticket which gives you free train travel during the duration of the fest. Half litre beers are 4euro. Yes you can drink these in arena. It is an awesome festival. Wish I was there this year but can't convince the GF to do same city two years in a row. Off to sister fest Bilbao BBK this year. Enjoy
  7. Primavera 2018

    Father John Misty plays Dublin May 28th. Reckon Primavera is now certain.
  8. Electric Picnic 2018

    Having seen Depeche Mode at Nos Alive I would love to see them again as they are something else. That said if they were to play they would have been on tour for maybe a year and a half. I don't see it happening but would welcome it. As for the legacy headliner, i'm putting money on David Byrne, Morrissey or Gary Numan (though i don't know if Numan would headline) Morrissey is odds on favourite. I'd love Qotsa / Yeah Yeah Yeahs / Morrissey headlining separate days
  9. Electric Picnic 2018

    So it's a long long way off I know. But here's the early possible wishlist Headliners QOTSA (as its a live nation event around leeds/reading time) Yeah Yeah Yeahs David Byrne (if rumours of lolla brazil speak true) Sub- Headliners M83 St Vincent Doves Caribou Little Dragon Christine and the queens Deerhunter Benjamin Booker Gordi Out there guess : Kanye/Kid Cudi double show ala watch the throne tour.