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  1. Will i get my stuff stolen at Bestival?

    I don't think there's any festival that's solely a hotspot for crime. It can happen anywhere, outside or inside a festival, at any time. Obviously you and your belongings are a lot more vulnerable in a festival situation but if you use your head you'll be okay. Be subtle about what you bring and where you keep it, and try not to bring anything super valuable if possible. I will say, though, last year the security were absolutely mental and 100% shady with how they were acting - there were so many complaints lodged against them I doubt they'd use them again. But I would say keep and eye out and report any security seeming a bit off
  2. LGBT crowd, where you at?!

    Are there many people from the LGBT community going in 2017? Would love to meet some people this year - I mean I love to meet people from all walks of life (that's what festivals are for) but it's always nice to meet fellow gays around! Sink the Pink always seem to be a hit at Besti