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  1. Lineup 2018

    Lineups trash. Ah well.
  2. Lineup 2018

    Every time I see KL as an abbreviation I think it means knocked loose. Don’t know if that’d be a headline set or a massacre.
  3. 2000 Trees

    pretty sure the taxi was about 25 quid, not too bad if you find someone to split with.
  4. 2000 Trees

    That’s what I did last year, reached Cheltenham about 2 hours before the first shuttle bus tho so ended up getting a taxi rather than waiting. so be aware of that kind of thing with the bus. Should be sound getting set up an all that in time either way tho mate.
  5. 2000 Trees

    think they're £115 this year
  6. 2000 Trees

    You’re a propper tease you you know
  7. 2000 Trees

    Touché amoré is a sick booking I think. Lot of bands on there I would really enjoy.
  8. 2000 Trees

    Shikari would be a brilliant headliner. Feel like 9/10 people at the festival would love them.
  9. 2000 Trees

    How many of the smaller bands at download do people think could be crossing over, specifically bands like milkteeth, Boston Manor, WSTR, Knocked Loose and the likes
  10. 2000 Trees

    Surely they wouldn't be announcing ATDI just before a tour that isn't doing well
  11. 2000 Trees

    Sunday the 28th is the first headliner announcement, I’m thinking it’ll be our American band from the way they’ve been hyping it up.
  12. Lineup 2018

    Yes please
  13. Download 2018

    If slipknot could retire at any moment then couldn’t korn just do the same, considering korn are an older band. Korn are so past their peak now, they could’ve easily been put up to headlining 10 or 15 years ago but no British festival gave them that last push up, just cannot see that happening now when there are newer bands to take those slots like ADTR or BMTH
  14. 2000 Trees

    Couple of other bands I’d kind of expect to see there are turbowolf and while she sleeps. Neither of them in the first announcement tho, probably after their tours have wrapped up.
  15. 2000 Trees

    The line up announcement is coming at the end of this month acording to an email they sent out. Can’t wait for all my predictions to be proven wrong.