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  1. Bring Me The Horizon, Vampire Weekend

    help me settle a debate (don't ask)
  2. Download 2018

    Does anyone up north know what good heavy rock radio stations there are?
  3. Alice In Chains

    I ain't lying, got no reason to. If it werent for my cousin being in the know I probably would have no idea who these are, I'm a 19 year old who mainly listens to hip hop and indie, completely indifferent to these and grunge in general Just my cousin told me this and I remembered using this site for some help getting to Leeds, so thought I'd post this here!
  4. Alice In Chains

    I'm sure this will sound like your typical bullshit, but my cousin who lives in the states and is friends with drummer Sean Kinney told me they are in talks to play Glastonbury when it returns in 2019. Take this how you want
  5. General News Discussion

    Anyone got a counter argument against the theory that immigration causes an increased crime rate? and that these terror attacks happen as a result of immigration
  6. Ticket not been dispatched - need help

    It's all good now thanks for the help mate
  7. Lineup 2018

    Chances of Jack White?
  8. 5 Days ago I purchased my Leeds weekend ticket through an ambassador. The ticket has not been dispatched yet - I have been given the message 'Your tickets are now being proceeded for dispatch', but since the festival is so soon I'm abit worried, and don't understand why they haven't been dispatched sooner. Anyone know whats happening? Thanks