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  1. Mad Cool 2018

    Yeah, are listet on mc page: https://madcoolfestival.es/noticia/mad-cool-festival-desvela-los-precios-de-los-tickets-para-la-edicion-2018
  2. Mad Cool 2018

    You're welcome. I just saw it, because I booked a airbnb flat for my me and my mates as well in that part of the city.
  3. Mad Cool 2018

    Malasaña & Chueca are nice places in the centre with bars and shops around. I booked a flat there for me and my mates. If you wanna have very good connetion to the festival, stay close to a train station with C1 trains.
  4. Mad Cool 2018

    Ok. So then I would definitively go with a flat like airbnb, e.g. https://www.airbnb.ch/rooms/11260503?location=Madrid%2C Spanien&guests=3&adults=13&check_in=2018-07-12&check_out=2018-07-14&s=rEjQABWW
  5. Mad Cool 2018

    I would write a e-mail directly to a hostel, so they can give you one or two rooms. for e.g. http://www.farhomehostels.com/hostales/madrid/
  6. Mad Cool 2018

    No, it does not look like you would need to identify you for entering with the eticket of ticketmaster.es. After purchasing you will get an email with a pdf document. On every page of the document there is one ticket. Possible for resale, if someone trusts in you For e.g. at Reading festival it was different last year, I bought tickets and for collecting it, I had to show them my ID and credit card. But this was just because the ticketmaster.uk din't had a proper eticket. I just got an email with an number and not a real eticket.
  7. Mad Cool 2018

    If they are not sold out, they are available for a higher price. Don't know the price. My tickets from ticketmaster.es are without a name. So I you buy several tickets you don't have to register your friends for the other tickets, just your billing address.
  8. Mad Cool 2018

    Cool, train station very close. But the problem will be to take a train back at nite, Soon the will provide some information about the shuttle buses.
  9. Mad Cool 2018

    So far MC haven't told us where exactly the festival will be. Its a new location, around Valdebebas, (IFEMA - Feria de Madrid). So may you just book a hostel in the centre of Madrid. Over booking.com there are many with free cancellation, so take one of those to be sure you have a bed over those days. MC will soon provide us with further information about transport and location, so you are still able to change the hostel. If you find one close to a train station for C1 train, your on the good side, direct train from the airport and to Valdebebas.
  10. Mad Cool 2018

    I am not sure where they will send the wristband to the UK. I just took the peninsula option and hope Ill be able to collect my wristband in Madrid with my eticket. And the ents24 site you mentioned is linking you to festicket and they aren't cheaper. In my case it was there 165euro + 21.50 transaction fee, that's a bit more than just the 175euro from the official mc page. But in general, festicket should be a serious page.
  11. Mad Cool 2018

    Good location. And if you can't sleep, loads of bars are around you for a refreshing beer. I reserved a two bedroom flat for my group, maybe I should check if they have AC...:)
  12. Mad Cool 2018

    1) Depends, if you have direct Train/Metro from the airport to the hostel or if you have do change a lot. Which are of the centre? 2) Last year: https:///s/madcool17/ So PJ maybe around 22.00? So you will definitively don't miss them. 3) Don't know about the lockers at the festival this year, but maybe at the airport or at the train station Valdebebas (close to the festival). 4) I bought the cheaper and don't expect they send it. In your case I don't know, ask them.
  13. Mad Cool 2018

    @Gucci Piggy In the centre of Madrid, Malasaña and Chueca ar good to stay, loads of bars and restaurants around.
  14. Mad Cool 2018

    I hope so
  15. Mad Cool 2018

    The tickets from MC page (ticketmaster.es) are normal etickets without any name. Just a bar code and numbers. So if you find someone who trust in your ticket, it shouldn't be a problem...