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  1. Lineup 2018

    Relatively new to the whole festival thing - around what time will we start to get a clearer idea of who'll be headlining next year and who seems the most likely as of now?
  2. 2017 festival

    An update from Kasabian about what happened:
  3. 2017 festival

    Unconfirmed talk on Twitter that the lead singer was rushed to hospital but obviously I'm not sure how true that is. What would happen if they couldn't perform?
  4. 2017 festival

    How long are the queues for the signing tent normally - worth it or not?
  5. 2017 festival

    Any ideas what time the secret set on the NME would be? A clash with kasabian or Not?
  6. 2017 festival

    1. Ghost in the mirror - Mallory Knox 2. Curtains - Arcane Roots 3. The Middle - Jimmy Eat World
  7. 2017 festival

    My Top 10 (no real order): 1. Mallory Knox - love their latest album and should be a pretty decent set. 2. The Hunna - recommended to me I while ago and I've really got into them recently. 3. Eminem - Always wanted to see him, with a decent crowd should be insane. 4. Arcane Roots - quite a unique sound but brilliant. 5. Liam Gallagher - based off his recent festival appearances should be better than I first thought. 6. Bastille - wanted to see them live for ages and hopefully should be great. 7. Frank Carter and the rattlesnakes - always good fun. 8. Jimmy Eat World - really good on previous appearances so hoping for more of the same. 9. Circa Waves - 2 really strong albums make me extremely excited for them. 10. Kasabian - not the greatest band in the world but a hell of a lot of fun. Personally, Friday has the best set of performers but it'll be interesting to hopefully discover some new bands on the other days. (Also, Jonathan Pie on the Alternative Stage is one I'm looking forward to when I need a bit of a break from music)