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  1. Ritual Union, Oxford

    Only just seen this. Looks like its their first year? Anyone going? Peace, Black Honey, Bo Ningen, Toy, Flamingods and loads more. Looks a bit like Dot-to-Dot Festival but for Oxford. http://ritualunion.co.uk/
  2. Y Not Festival 2017

    Have people had them from Gigantic, the main ticket agent, or were other agencies selling for Y Not as well?
  3. Hope and Glory Festival Liverpool

    Skiddle and Eventbrite will have advanced cash from ticket sales to the organiser, which is something they should do their due diligence on. They're aware of the risks involved if the festival fails. They're doing the right thing though. I believe Eventbrite are refunding 50%? Better than none, but might just be them taking a smaller loss than if people charged back the full amount? People should think about that if they want the full amount, but not sure how easy it is? Interestingly, he keeps deleting and reactivating his social accounts. I think he's gone a bit mad. I DID feel sorry for him to start with...