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  1. Guest Camping

    We just tried to take opens cans in and couldn't
  2. Guest Camping

    Still unimpressed about there not being a catering van here.. got messed about for half an hour on where the mini bus was starting to go to the village this morning just so we could get some breakfast.. obviously once the arena is open we can walk but that doesn't open until 11am as of Friday so waiting for food then we you wake up a lot earlier camping is pretty crappy I've found the guest camping zone manager and he is mad about the whole change and being unorganised as we are because he's obviously getting all the hassle.
  3. Guest Camping

    Thank god for that!
  4. Guest Camping

    Well I've landed and it's been an absolute joke.. there was about 40 people sat on the grass at yellow when we got here and told to go to the back and wait for a MINI BUS.. yes that's right a MINI BUS. Taking 5 people at a time.. and they only had one running.. we waiting over an hour.. and we've been told we have to get a mini bus all weekend to the arena and village which I every 15 minutes but stops at 5pm.. but to be fair I've been told that we can walk and then another saying we can't so no one knows.. utterly useless.. no guest bar or food stalls here either.. we've just had to get a mini bus to the village for a burger then wait to get one back.. less than impressed! Going to give it benefit of the doubt and see what happens tomorrow.
  5. Guest Camping

    I think that's okay to do that, I'm sure I've read you can camp in either you just need to get your wristband from the guest check in.. not 100% but I can't see why that would be a problem
  6. Guest Camping

    So will this mean we need to go through main gate? I'd heard from guest campers before you could take your own drink into the arena so we were planning on taking a few cans in with us but looks like that will be a no for this year
  7. Just had a notification that they are showing the fight on the alternative stage!!!!
  8. Guest tickets pickup need ID?

    I think you might be best getting in touch with festival republic because there was a chance me and my partner couldn't go and we have guest tickets and when I contacted the company we got them from to change the name we couldn't and our guest tickets say across the top not for resale.. we have to take our ID with us when we check in with ours too so if I was you I'd really check before you get there.
  9. Guest Camping

    You've got to be having a laugh! We've only gone guest this year for it to be easier!! The distance between the guest camping and the main stage looks like nothing why the hell cant we walk?
  10. Guest Camping

    I seriously hope it's as frequent as the regular shuttle bus, and matches with the time the bus gets there so we can jump straight on.. we are traveling for 4 hours on the train so just want to get right to the camp site.
  11. Guest Camping

    It's on the Leeds website on the guest section. I know going to be a nightmare!
  12. Guest Camping

    I'd send them an email as there's no information on the disabled area on the website about it
  13. Guest Camping

    I've emailed festival republic to get some more info and not heard anything back from them.. this has totally messed up our plans to buy our drink when we get there at the Tesco from the shuttle bus, but this will mean we will get 2 buses to get to guest then 2 buses to go to the Tesco! Just going to have to figure something out when we get there.
  14. Guest Camping

    Yeah I've had a look and it seems very odd to have moved it where they have moved it! We've bought one of the lockers to charge our phone which is in the village and that's at the complete other end were as where the guest camping used to be it was in the middle of everything. That sucks you can't camp with your friends because of it, I always thought that anyone that was accompanying anyone in disabled would go in guest, have they just made that whole area disabled? really don't understand why they have changed it.
  15. Guest Camping

    I have been going Leeds festival many years now regular camping and last year finally done the pink moon camping, which was a life saver but a trek! Now this year we are camping in guest as I know its always been right next to the arena and sounds really good. Just discovered on the leeds website the guest camping has moved! and we need to go to purple gate to check in etc, and we can get a shuttle bus from yellow to purple when we get dropped off. This is not what we had in mind at all, is anyone else in the same boat know anymore information?