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  1. Neverworld (FKA LeeFest)

    Hopefully you guessed Bastille were headlining! Seems a lot of people guessed these! I can't say I know much of their songs but I know they're popular.
  2. Neverworld (FKA LeeFest)

    Sorry, screen shots from the video! Still think it's pretty good for a small festival!
  3. Neverworld (FKA LeeFest)

    A couple more announcements...
  4. Latitude 2018

    Thanks for the tips! We might do just that then. The stop start shuffling in the queue with trolleys is a bit of a pain so I think we'll just take in the tent, pitch up, and then go back for all the booze, ahem, I mean everything else!
  5. Latitude 2018

    I think there was a lot of security tightening last year due to the attacks in Mancester and London, we were told in the queue at Glasto not to bring in camping stoves, cutlery, cooking things etc, which led to a very irritated Mr FestivalNewbie having to go back to the car with all our 'cookable' food and cooking stuff, only to find out that we could've taken it in after all! We're not sure whether to just go through with a tent and a few bits, then go back for the rest later when the queues have died down. We only have Glasto to compare to so I'm expecting Lat to be less busy... And as for the bag size... sounds like they won't try that again!
  6. Boardmaster 2018 - just for teens?

    I know a group of guys who went last year, all late 30s, and they had a great time... does that help?
  7. Latitude 2018

    I think we'll want to get in as soon as it opens, love all the wandering round, getting bearings etc as we're newbies to Lat. On a similar note... how tight is security here? Does it take ages to get searched, do you have to unpack all your stuff? Glasto was a pain in the backside last year, we turned up as early as possible and had to unload all our stuff off trolleys to be searched, luckily the only 'contraband' we had was metal cutlery...! But friends arriving later were not searched as extensively and therefore got in much quicker. Tempting to turn up later if it means getting in quicker?
  8. Latitude 2018

    If I can tear myself away from Rae Morris's album I'll give WA another listen
  9. Latitude 2018

    I think my problem is I'm not a fan of rock/indie bands with female vocalists... I don't know why, because I like female groups and soloists. I'll definitely give them another listen between now and July, regardless! I've made a playlist with most of the acts on it. Quite liked Gang of Youths, and didn't realise how many James songs I knew. Just realised I haven't put any Solange on my list, I really should!
  10. Latitude 2018

    It is brilliant! I'd never heard of her until she announced for Neverworld and have had her album on repeat ever since! I could definitely see her at Latitude, but as I'm already seeing her I don't mind either way!
  11. Latitude 2018

    Thanks for the boost of confience I noticed that IOW annouced Chic & NR yesterday and was almost wishing I'd booked that instead (ferry prices put me off!). They would be a great special guest, as they were brilliant at Glasto, and would be a real feel-good sing along factor for a (hopefully) sunny afternoon!
  12. Latitude 2018

    A little bit disappointed with the line up so far... OK The Killers are (were) good, lots of anthems to sing along to, and I liked The Vaccines' first album, but nothing else excites me. Had a quick listen to Wolf Alice, Mogwai, Alt-J... not really my thing. I booked Lat as a Glasto replacement so I'm hoping that the comedy/theatre/other areas are worth going for, otherwise it's quite expensive! Out of the 3 festivals booked this year, this was by far the most expensive, and the least appealing. I'm not saying the line up isn't good, it's just not to my preference. I guess there will be more announcements to come? Hoping for maybe Sigrid, Rae Morris (although I'm seeing her elsewhere), and maybe something like Chic...
  13. Latitude 2018

    I can't speak for Rag n Bone man but I imagine Killers fans to be reasonably considerate (myself hopefully included!). I tidy up all my rubbish, don't get really drunk and share my cider!
  14. Latitude 2018

    As an aside, what are the 'late night DJs' areas like? Lots to choose from? Variety of music? Full of teenagers?
  15. Latitude 2018

    I'm excited for James Acaster too disappointed with the comedy line up compared to last year's, but there doesn't seem to be any music crossover with the other 2 festivals I'm going to so that's good Will need to listen to some of the undercard to see which I'd like to see.

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