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  1. Nine inch nails london show.....

    https://www.southbankcentre.co.uk/whats-on/124435-nine-inch-nails-2018?utm_source=Nine Inch Nails socials&utm_medium=Nine Inch Nails&utm_campaign=Meltdown 2018 oh hell yes!
  2. Toddlers around the site

    Good chunky wheels for use in mud as well.......Im be taking my 2 for the first time hopefully in 2019 and going to be looking for something like that but that can have room for 2 kids, and be suitable for slightly older kids my 2 will be 4 and 7 by then and theyll both be up for a fair bit of walking but even my 7 year old will get tired and want to sit down eventually, glastonburys a big place, even bigger when your taking 2-3 steps to everyone of your parents.
  3. Glastonbury evolves

    We literally spent the entire afternoon in the beat hotel just because it had easy access to drinks and it was out of the sun......that really was a scorcher!
  4. What are you doing instead of Glastonbury this year?

    I wasnt going to do a festival, I really wasnt.....but fuck it im going download! This lineup is stellar, going thourgh it I count about 18-20 bands already id happily see, and still more to be announced. g&r on the saturday night is just the cherry on the cake. Be the first time ive been back since 04, much as I love glastonbury for the whole experience and the site and the people I go with........itll be nice to do a proper metal fest again and be solely there for the music
  5. slayer on the park may never happen :(......

    In this case its toms health issues which are forcing an end to the band I think esp on the touring side http://loudwire.com/slayer-tom-araya-sleep-apnea-ukrainian-statue/ as for Sabbath its pretty much the same, they may still record but I dont think theyll tour again, Tony ioomi has said many times that after all the health issues hes been through with cancer etc touring is just to taxing on his body which is why they called it quits.
  6. Dick move of your festival......

    Ironic thing is if these people came across someone `blacked up` for example they'd have a right go at them......how is dressing up as one ethnicity different from another?
  7. Lovebullets Police Sunday

    it seemed so out of place that tent, seemed to just have been dumped there without any real plan, I normally love the glade area as well sitting just outside it even listening to the tunes, but couldnt this time because of that mess blasting out boom boom boom just metres away. hope it doesnt come back for 2019 or at least gets resited
  8. Corbyn appearing on Pyramid!

    Oh look efestivals caught making up statements from people again....but no its all in our heads isnt it mate, you dont do that do you? everyones a liar but you......lol
  9. Corbyn appearing on Pyramid!

    I do work in the private sector mate, im a factory worker, working class, you know one of those corbyn isnt meant to be reaching? (lol) Working in the private sector myself though doesnt mean I begrudge people who do far more important work in many cases then I do getting a justified pay rise for it! esp when it comes to nhs staff, emergency services personnel etc etc esp when theresa may goes right up to their fucking faces during election campaigning and tells them theres no more money to reward them better for the lifesaving work they do and then fucking throws billions at a party of bigots just to stay in power!.....but hey thats just me!
  10. Corbyn appearing on Pyramid!

    well that was easy..........I can see you having to mute a lot of accounts over the next week pal because im not going anywhere, nor are my views. As for this morning as I said I knew id crack you, see you soon mothertrucker!

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