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  1. Download 2018

    Hollywood Vamps would be best sub for Ozzy imo.
  2. Download 2018

    true I just didn't realize that they would be open in 2018 though...
  3. Download 2018

    the darkness?
  4. Download 2018

    tanks I wasn't sure if he would be still doing APC full time or not by then.
  5. Download 2018

    Is tool completely out of the pic or could they peak out of the bushes?
  6. Download 2018

    al'ght, sounds all good
  7. Download 2018

    Who wouldn't love them to be a headliner, too good to pass up...
  8. Download 2018

    Paramore would be cool but aren't they too poppy to headline at this point?
  9. Download 2018

    rock am ring get usually at least one of the headliners download get right?
  10. Download 2018

    I'm betting a lot on Green Day, BMTH, and Ax7 as the headliners, Metallica waited too long to hit download at this point with hardwired imo. And plus these are three young bands with each willing to play new material by the time they hit the stage next year, and this lineup is balanced as well.
  11. Download 2018

    Ozzy wont be that bad, he's got Zakk with him, that'll be a wicked final performance
  12. Download 2018

    yes it would
  13. Download 2018

    any news on tool lately?
  14. Download 2018

    This'll be a lineup not to miss for sure.
  15. Download 2018

    Brilliant idea all around, although I'm skeptical of Volbeat being on the lineup.