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  1. Download 2018

    One band no one seems to be mentioning (maybe because they were controversial the last time they played) that could be put in and also a band that I hope does is Chase & Status. They are playing Rock Am Ring and have quite a bit of leeway with gigs lately. Again the only 2 negatives about them that I can think of is they are not really 100% rock, and they haven't done gigs like Download in a wile, but Rock am Ring might give them a 2nd stage position, They are pretty explosive of a live act.
  2. Download 2018

    https://www1.ticketmaster.com/event/0D005375DA77BA9B?f_PPL=true&ab=efeat5787v1 Yeah it looks like it
  3. Download 2018

    Just saw that BSC are hitting Graspop, I'd say they are Set. Also another band to throw on the table is Amaranthe, hard to believe they haven't done download by now.
  4. Download 2018

    I'd say Volbeat sub-sub below BSC or BSC don't play at all.
  5. Download 2018

    Maybe not but they've been comin to download every other tour cycle pretty much, and Kentucky + this is a lot for a band to do in 3 years.
  6. Download 2018

    Anyone think Royal Blood have a chance somewhere?
  7. Download 2018

    They have a new EP by the name of "Back to Blues" that fits it's title and has gotten quite satisfactory reviews, you should def check it out if you like BSC.
  8. Download 2018

    Either Ghost or AIC as the 3rd 2nd stage headliner.
  9. Download 2018

    Rock Feed has stated that Phil Anselmo is looking at a conference to reunite Pantera with all surviving members only. If Pantera did reunite and decide to hit some festivals, could they be another possibility for a headline in post 2018? I sure think they would.
  10. Download 2018

    Do you really think their image is big enough for them to even be considered for headlining download at some point? I don't, they're not rock , so no download.
  11. Download 2018

    21 pilots have hardly anything to do with rock at all imo, they don't have the rawness and type of background bands like LP and MCR do, you hit the nail on the head with Hybrid, it would have been harder for sure to festivals in the rock scene to resurge without the converge of different genres AND the realness that LP had, to me 21 Pilots have none of what bands like LP and MCR, they are just too pop and overrated. Look at the White Stripes and Royal Blood, these bands will be the 2 pieces to headline, not modern poppy bull****.
  12. Download 2018

    Between BSC and Volbeat, BSC are the bigger meatier choice, but Volbeat probably would be a better financial option at this point.
  13. Download 2018

  14. Download 2018

    AIC are my prediction, they're at a slow point
  15. Download 2018

    Keep in mind BSC have both "Kentucky" & "Back to Blues" on their shoulders when they sub. Volbeat only have "Seal the Deal" to depend upon for recent album success. Also note BSC have had been put on higher places on the lineups (for the most part) than Volbeat. But Volbeat are subbing for GNR in France.