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  1. F*cked people 2017

    Watched a wild group at pyramid on Sunday, one of the number stood on my friends old pie and than ate it from the floor.
  2. 2017 - How was it for you?

    My first year (having done most other major UK festivals) and can 100% see why everyone holds Glasto up above all others. Highlights: Foos, Royal Blood and Chic. Lowlights: Delayed coach on the way in, my coach not leaving till 4 this afternoon and the crowds trying to get between stages. Still can't get over the size of this place, saw some amazing stuff and very aware of so much I missed. 100% will come back!
  3. Confirmed secret sets 2017

    Just walked past JP stage. Already looks pretty busy and has a lot of people walking towards it. Think I'm going to skip Frank Carter as a result (but will go up and see him at his secret show later)
  4. Confirmed secret sets 2017

    Saw Jeremy Corbyn play a secret set (pull a pint) at Solstice Bar at 2.30. I'm claiming that counts.
  5. The Official " im off " thread

    Coach has finally left London after being over TWO HOURS LATE! But finally on my way!!!!!!!!!
  6. New security measures in place

    On the Glasto site it has a whole section about BBQs/Camp stove safety, so I have packed my stove and some extra gas (hangover super noodles and coffee) but if they are nicking peoples deodorant at the door, what are my chances of taking my gas canisters in?
  7. Weather 2017

    I'm doing it! I'm leaving the wellies at home and just taking some boots!! Madness.
  8. TBAs

    I am happy to just keep speculating wildly, until about 4am on Sunday
  9. TBAs

    I have no evidence that it could be them, just my want. Should check out "...And Out Come the Wolves", its an amazing album.
  10. TBAs

    @WS_Jack_III Do you or any of your friends like Rancid? They are over in europe at the moment, would fit the "punk" and "old" specifications, and would seem like a good follow on from Frank Carter
  11. new here? introduce yourself

    Hello! I have been lurcking around these forums for about 7 or 8 years (maybe more), used to have a login and very occasionally contributed very unintresting posts. Been to most the big UK festivals, and I am finally doing Glasto this year (2017)! Rejoined becuase I am overly excited about Glasto and I am currently avoiding some work I am meant to be doing. Thanks! Nelson

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