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  1. Looking to get a villacamp pass for Benicassim, will be willing to go a bit above face value, no complete ticket necessary, but if needed I'll buy that too.
  2. I'll take it. Drop me an emai!
  3. @dylanii How much does that come to total?
  4. @dylanii I can buy one of those villacamp passes off you right now? Email is ifmikecairns@gmail.com
  5. @irnbru I'll buy your ticket mate, email is ifmikecairns@gmail.com if thats easier to contact me over.
  6. @ProfessorBooty Im happy to buy that villacamp ticket today, does it come with a camping ticket? Either is fine!
  7. @Popcorn77 Im interested in buying, sent you a message!