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  1. Brothers Bar...

    The pear stuff went down a treat!
  2. Where are the fireworks tonight?

  3. Weather 2017

    It's a free shvitz with every ticket!
  4. Weather 2017

    Sat around the tent now. Incredible heat.. Yes, almost too hot
  5. Weather 2017

    Boots and wellies in the car for me. Staying at WV so won't be too much hassle to fetch them if they really are needed.
  6. Anyone going to Worthy View from the Midlands?

  7. What's the best route? Looking at the map, it looks like we need to come in from the west, but I'm not sure as we haven't heard anything from WV about preferred routes. Cheers!
  8. How much liquid are you taking?

    5 bottles of liquor between 2 of us (i.e. 1 per day), topping up with cider from the bars as-and-when.
  9. confirmed food vendors 2017

    Same here, so much choice.
  10. Deluxe Diner

    Booked for Sunday lunch.. should be very welcome at that stage of the festival!
  11. Electronica/Dance

    Rubbish. I was a bit miffed he was playing at the same time as MaW, would have liked to have seen both.. If I end up seeing neither (due to increased demand for MaW) then I will be absolutely gutted. The Mrs. wants to see Justice so I will be heading over to the SEC straight after. I had planned on seeing a bit of Jamie XX but I really don't want to miss out!

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