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  1. The Killers Headling 2019

    It has really exceeded my expectations. With the news about the guitarist not touring etc it didn't send out a lot of good signals, but I'm happy with the results of the album. For me it doesn't have the real high points like a few huge songs from their earliest albums, but it's their only record where i don't want to skip a song. Feels like an album where my favourite tracks will change often. Hope they play most of the songs while touring later in the year but they'll easily have more songs from this on future setlists than battle born provided. 'Run for Cover' and 'Tyson vs Douglas' are typical high energy Killers songs which will be great live, and Rut is strong too although it took me a good few listens to appreciate it fully. The Calling gives me real Depeche Mode vibes and is probably my favourite right now along with Life to Come/Run for Cover. Think the slightly slower pace of some of the songs won't suit every fan of the band though, or any fans still wanting another hot fuss or more energy across a whole album. Really enjoying this, the new Horrors album and Cut Copy's, as well as the new album from the National. Some good music released recently.
  2. The National

    Not listened to the complete album start to finish yet, but 'The system only dreams in total darkness' is easily one of my favourite songs of the year so far. Like 'Day I die' too, but wasn't massively keen on Guilty party or Carin at the liquor store. Think there's a chance they'll grow on me the more I listen to them, and listening to them as part of the whole album should help
  3. Foo Fighters

    I actually liked The Line, although it sounds more like a cross between something kings of Leon or the killers would do rather than typical Foos. The Sky is a neighborhood is pretty good and Dirty Water i felt was a decent song too, but nothing else did it for me at all really. Still better than Sonic Highways.
  4. Headliners 2019

    It's way too unlikely and there's plenty you've listed that just won't happen full stop imo. Swedish House Mafia aren't headlining Glasto, and The Killers won't be subbing the Artic Monkeys. That's before we get onto the likes of REM and ABBA, but if it's more of a list that you would want to see (rather than think it'll be) it maybe makes more sense
  5. Confirmed secret sets 2017

    Health and safety having a heart attack
  6. Confirmed secret sets 2017

    If anyone is still in doubt/ panicking about it being the killers....
  7. Confirmed secret sets 2017

    It certainly would be, but i can assure you that there's absolutely nothing to worry about in that regard. Have a wonderful wonderful day
  8. Confirmed secret sets 2017

    Hmm i wouldn't say it's even much of a secret any more, im sure you can work it out. Considering the world we live in, it's difficult for something like this to be kept a total secret. Some of the bands gear went straight to England despite the band flying elsewhere first this weekend, and there's also a band member in England just now too which probably isn't a coincidence (although I can't say ive heard for definite whether he'll be joining the rest of the band on stage tomorrow or not).
  9. Confirmed secret sets 2017

    Come on now. Just because I might or might not know some details, doesn't mean I'm the man. Unfortunately
  10. Confirmed secret sets 2017

    My List of bands to see this weekend will definitely include one of the secret sets . Whether I go to check out the other TBA set remains to be seen, as it's a clash for me and I have no idea who it could be anyway
  11. Confirmed secret sets 2017

    Would be a bit of A crippling blow if there wasn't a rumoured American group (or two) playing this weekend. Guess we'll have to wait and see
  12. TBAs

    Your friend might have to run for cover if that's incorrect info . I can't stay at one stage for a great length of time as I like to move around a bit, so think il make my way to both TBA sets to see who might just turn up. Only a matter of time now
  13. TBAs

    Struggling to keep on top of all this speculation.