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  1. Secret Glasto text alerts

    For anyone worrying about the Zapier trial period - mine has already run out (so I'm on the free plan) and the text came through fine ☺️
  2. Secret Glasto text alerts

    For anyone trying to set up Zapier, this template should work - https://zapier.com/app/editor/template/16655 Just follow it through and connect your accounts (and remember to start your phone number with your country code eg +44 . . . the caught me out the first time) Oh, and remember to turn the Zap on at the end!
  3. Secret Glasto text alerts

    Hi all Firstly, the guy running this is a hero! Secondly, i've set up Zapier for all my text alert needs, but there seem to be lots of recommendations on here to wait to ensure your premium trial runs during the festival. Whilst obviously it can't hurt, as far as I can tell tell the free service should work fine for what we need it for - no need for premium!